Thyme Lentil Cakes…Mmmmm

OK! I recently took an at home blood test and found out that I have an A+ blood type. (I recommend finding out, it’s pretty nifty) I looked into changing some of my eating habits, so that they are more conducive to the blood of the A’s, and, If I’m being honest, I regret that decision a little.

I’m supposed to be mostly vegetarian…Sure, they let you have SOME types of fish… but, they want me to cut out all red meats, all pork products, a large quantity of seafood (including Halibut, Shrimp, and scallops) and all dairy…

What does that leave you?! (you may be asking yourself with dread… as I was, the moment I found out…)

Vegetables (not all of them… they cut some of those out too) and Legumes. (I’m being slightly over dramatic… I can also eat sardines and salmon… and a few other obscure fish that I’ve only heard about in text books..)

But… I digress!

This post is me attempting to find something tasty to eat, that will follow *mostly* along the lines of an A+ blood type. I’m not disciplined enough to cut out all of the things it recommends (silly sensitive digestive tract) but, It’s nice to know so that I can make an informed decision about the things I eat.

This morning I made up some Thyme Lentil Cakes, I hope you enjoy them! BTW… I totally made this up, so feel free to wing it as you see fit!


Thyme Lentil Cakes

1 Pkg Lentils ( I think they are roughly 2.5 cups? But, don’t quote me on that…)

1 C Onion, Diced small

3 Celery stalks (on the smaller side)

1 T Garlic, Minced

1 Egg

1 (Generous) cup of Goats Cheese (I know.. Your thinking…But, I thought she couldn’t have dairy… You’re right, I’m cheating!!)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Enough to coat the bottom of a pan

TT-Salt, Pepper, Thyme (TT=To Taste)

Water or Chicken Stock

1. First, take the lentils and rinse them well. I’ve read somewhere that you should soak them for 24 hours before cooking because they contain some sort of chemical which prevents sprouting…I didn’t, but if you want to, knock yourself out!

2. Then place them in a pot and bring them to a boil in the water or chicken stock, whichever you have on hand or choose to use. I used stock because I’m a rebel and I wanted a chicken like flavor:P Boil for around 30 minutes, or until the lentils are soft, but not mushy. If you soaked your lentils, this will take less than 30 minutes.

3. Strain the lentils and pat yourself on the back… you’re practically done! You know, besides the rest and more difficult part of the recipe. I cooked my Lentils yesterday and refrigerated them over night, but I don’t know that this is necessary. You might want to put them in the fridge for a little bit, so that they cool down and can be made into the cakes without second degree burns. Totally up to you.

4. While the lentils cool, dice your onions and celery. Heat the olive oil in a small skillet and saute the veggies until softened. At the last minute, throw in your garlic and continue to saute until the garlicky goodness makes you hungry. I’m pretty sure this is actually a tried and true cooking technique.. I could be wrong.

5. Put half of your Lentils into a food processer and pulse until made into a paste, or whatever. Give it a hefty processing, and call it good.

6. Mix the lentils (in both mashed and whole form) with the sauteed veggies, and goats cheese. Add your seasoning. This is all to taste, so feel free to grab a spoon and make it taste the way you want it to.

7. After you get it the way you want it, throw in the egg, and mix well.

8. Form into patties with your awesomely dexterous hands, and then place on sheet pans with parchment and freeze. Don’t know if this step is needed, but it made for an easier searing later. If you’re hungry, form and plop them in pan.

That’s pretty much it! I seared mine in clarified butter (that’s butter that has the milk solids removed) and then stacked them as such:


Steamed spinach



Lentil Cake

…Repeat once more.

Super Tasty!! Hope you guys enjoy, and if you make them, please feel free to let me know how they turn out!


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