Me..Me…And More me..


My Nieces 3rd Birthday Party... It's all about the kids right?...

So…About me. I live in Homer, Alaska in a little yellow and green duplex with my fat beagle and my awesome boyfriend. They don’t get along, unless I’m at work, then they are always cuddling.. you know…Giving each other comfort in my time of absence. I’m pretty loved.

I work as a cook/deck-hand in Valdez, Alaska six months a year, and I’m trying to get out of here for the other six in some sort of wonderfully secretive escape plan…one I have yet to come up with. I cook three meals a day, for anywhere between 7-14 guys, 7 days a week, 12 hour days. Love the job, good people, but I’m a creature of family and having mine out of reach so often is not the most pleasant thing in the world.

I started my writing career about a year ago, but wouldn’t say that I actually became a writer in my own mind until a couple of months ago. Been taking classes, reading books and lots of great writing blogs to get myself up to speed in the Write or Die world!

CFLM (Cure for Lackluster Motivation) is going to have a Foodie Friday with posts about things I make on the boat, the latest in food news, and pretty much anything food related. There should be a post here daily for at least 6 months of the year, and I’ll try to get in 2-3 a week on the months I’m home. I enjoy crunchy peanut butter, warm air (that’s right..air.. to say I enjoy the sun would be a laugh. Anyone who has seen my skin will know it has not even seen said sphere in a very long time.), and reading..I’m actually working on this last one. I have come to the realization that reading better writers, makes you a better writer. Who would have thought, huh?

Well, I look forward to getting to know you all through your comments and such!


One response to “Me..Me…And More me..

  1. Trisha Dey

    Hey! I’ve nominated you for a award. Please accept it! 🙂

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