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Another Day at Work

Sorry I’ve been away as of late…Super busy at work! I’m going to hopefully nab time to write a more extensive post tomorrow, but for today…I share a photo of said all consuming day job!


Valdez, Alaska @ it’s finest!Image


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TBL Something or other…

Holy-Bajeezy.. This week has been long! Long days, and short nights! Sorry I missed Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s Blog posts, but internet has been shoddy and I have been exhausted! Going to keep it short today too, because I have been up since 0230!

Try-it Tuesday-

Ok..Best thing since sliced bread.. And even tasty on sliced bread!!


That’s right, Coconut Oil. If you haven’t used it instead of Olive oil, spread it on toast instead of butter, and rubbed it all over your hair and body.. Well, my friend. You are missing out! It not only smells and tastes fantastic, it is incredibly high in healthy mid-range fats..not to mention that its cholesterol free! I recently discovered this wonderful salve, and can honestly say I will never go back! Get yourself a tub and start using it!


Row-80 update-

Been writing, updated my WIP journal to include the last 6 chapters, and went for a 35 minute walk today.

TBL Thursday-

I am waaay too tired to think of a witty story to tell you, so I thought I would share a photo or two of my daily life here in Valdez, Ak aboard the Tug Stalwart!

The first Hummingbird I ever saw! So adorable!:)


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Row80 3/4/12

Well, as you may have noticed I did not post yesterday…and the guilt is slowly eating me from the inside out! No, Just playing. I was exhausted, worked all day and could barely keep my eyes open! So you all got nothing! Muahahah! Hate to admit that today wont be much different. I find that after almost 4 weeks at work, doing the same thing day in and day out.. I run out of things to talk about. Imagine that!

I’m still working on my WIP, and have written every day on it, whether those words are legible and/or staying in the final draft is yet to be determined. I have also started note cards for another WIP,But decided I didn’t want to actually start writing it until I have finished the first draft of this one! I WILL finish this! After three or four false start and stops on other WIP’s I feel the need to scream at myself on occasion…

I have lost about 17 lbs since we started this ROW80, so diet is going well! I read about 6 books this week, so I just have a few more and then I will start working on my “better your Plotting” writing exercise!

Hope all is well!


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Are We All Just Fruit?

I spent about two hours floating around on a line boat today. Just shooting the cow manure with one of the only other females I have ever worked with, yapping about this and that. You know how us girls get.. We be chatty. Anyway, surrounding yourself with men every day, all day takes its toll every once in a while, and I think we both appreciated the girl time. One thing led to another and we began to discuss one of the staples of our fair sex. Marriage.

We are both going to weddings here in the next 6 or so months, she a little sooner than I, and we somehow went from “were so happy for our friend/brother was getting married” to: God…how much do you hate shopping? In-between that was a loathsome rant about dresses in general, and strap-less things that don’t hold in the ladies. Now, neither of us are polka dot bikini wearing kind of girls.. if you catch my drift. We got us some curves, and we are not exactly dress wearing folk. We work with men, doing jobs that men do, and an unfortunate side effect is that you either A. Look like a moron as you giggle and carry on like the world is all peaches and cream…or B. Realize that your voice drops just the tiniest  bit while you’re at work, and accept that your just “one of the guys”…Here is how our “Dresses” conversation went… I will try to shorten it and make it snappy.. you know, life with out all the boring and what not.

C: Yeah, so the maid of honor went to an intense cycling class the day before we tried on our bridesmaid dresses, and when she got there she could barely move, let alone try on any dresses.

B: Ah…Cycling. Get’s ya every time.

(insert her laughing here.. that’s right.. I’m funny:p)

C: You know it! So anyway, I’m now the big girl, and the other two bridesmaids are about a 6 and an 8 and everything they try on seems to slide over them like a silk hanky. Where as I’m standing there like some bewildered beast as the snooty saleswoman eyes me up and down and finally concedes..”hmm.. Let me see if we even carry that in your size.”

B: Bitch!

C: Ugh, I hate trying on clothes…

B: Me too.. If only they had beds in the changing rooms so you could lay down and slide that last fat roll in. It’s so close when your standing.. It just needs a nudge in the right direction.

(Laugh. Score two for Brittney!)

C: Then she starts going on about fruit and how I’m not really a pear, and I’m not really an apple.. Blah blah blah.

B: What’s with that stupid fruit thing that everyone uses these days?

C: I should have said..No, I’m more like a Banana with Tits.

(Insert my laugh here, then she slapped her hand over her mouth and said, oh shit, that sorta sounds like I’m a transvestite…Insert more laughter, and some trouble breathing here. Score two for C!)

B:…Yeah, or a cherry without a stem.

(And Brittney clinched the win!)

So this is where we come back to reality…All sexual fruit innuendos aside, where did this idea that women have to conform to a certain shape come about? Granted, I see that some women have small tops and larger bottoms, and that there are women out there with heavier tops and thinner bottoms. But, what about those of us with strange curves; curves no fruit known to man can possibly encompass? Are we supposed to start referring to ourselves as deformed vegetation? Like an Orange with tumors, or possible some mutated combination of a tangerine and a Banana. I suppose my point is this. We are all beautiful..Each one of us. We all have something to offer this world, and I don’t think we odd-balls should feel bad about not fitting in the fruit bowl.

Just food for thought! Cheers!


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Row80 Update 2/15/12

I have come to the realization that I need Note Cards… Lots and lots of note cards. I am reading Plot and Structure by James Scott Bell, and after reading it through zealously with a highlighter, I am going back through and trying some of the awesome ideas/ practice exercises he has in there. I love the idea of jotting down tons and tons of scenes on note cards and then laying them out and flipping them around until they make sense. It’s like a Giant novel puzzle! How freaking cool is that! Did I mention I love puzzles.. Anyway, I need note cards, and so Allen, my wonderful boyfriend is sending them to me. What a sweetie. Im sure he’s just pleased I’ll be noting for the next 7 weeks here at work, and not at home along our wall, or in his work areas, or standing in front of the TV with hands on hips saying, “Babyyyy…I need your help! Come look at these with me!!” Walking over already knowing that I don’t really need his help, I just think I do, and no matter what he says I will most likely argue the opposite side. Were good like that:)!

So, I’m getting note cards. I downloaded this App on my new Ipad called Write or Die.. Which is pretty fantastic! I don’t know if I like it for writing my actual WIP because it has been having trouble sending the Files anywhere but its own clip board…Email pending that little bug….But, I did end up writing about 1400 words about a cute old lady who owned a run down Ice-cream shop next to a skyscraper, and when the man came to try to buy it she sweetly invited him in, sat him down with a warm cup of tea and honey and waited until the drugs took effect before she ate him. Sharp little teeth like the polar bear on top of her Ice-cream shop, three scoops, Vanilla, Chocolate, and Strawberry.

Fun to write. A little creepy, and I have no idea where it came from, but it’s something I might play with later. So I think I’ll use the app to do sprint writing and such. Speaking of Apps.. I also downloaded a free Budget App and have been diligently punching the numbers.. Guess who couldn’t actually afford her iPad…Yeah, this girl right here!

On a lighter note, I have lost a few lbs, probably from all the seasickness…Yes, I know this is a bad way to lose weight, believe me.. But I have switched boats and am now back on the Stalwart…Probably one of the only boats that doesn’t ever leave the harbor. Thank you!

Got about 1400 words in on Monday, about 500 on my WIP and 1300 on WOD, and then today I took the day off from writing to clean, pack, and read more of Plot and Structure by James Scott Bell. Worth the Read, a re-read, and a few after that! check it out.

Hope your weeks are going well! See you all on Sunday!


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Day 8: Thank you Beer

It has been four long weeks since I hydrated my liver…and I’m going to spend most of the day at the airport bar waiting for my flight to leave…weather pending…so in short I’d like to say: Thank you beer…you are truly a thing of beauty.

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Day 7: Best Laid Plans

With the holidays coming up there is probably a mile long list outlining what you are going to do this year to make the season perfect. What you’re going to buy, who you’re going to invite to the big dinner, and how your going to keep grandma from drinking all the booze again this year. I know that list. I’ve made hundreds of lists just like it, because I’m a list maker. I wouldn’t say that I’m necessarily a list follower, but I definitely like to write down my plans for the day, maybe even the week…I don’t do months….That is entirely too dedicated. When I get home from work I like to write out things that need to be done; placing small square boxes next to each line in the hopes that I will be able to mark that all-powerful check next to the task.

If you are like me.. You even write down stuff you have already done..just so that you KNOW you will be checking something off. Notice: This list does not have standards. You are allowed to write down the most meaningless things, and still feel accomplished at the end of the day. For instance….I often write “shower” down on my list of To Do’s… but only after I’ve taken it. There is nothing worse than writing down a daily necessity, especially something so wide-spread as brushing your teeth or taking a shower, and not actually checking it off. (I’d like to take the time to say that I brush my teeth at least twice a day, sometimes more…This also goes on the list.) Here is an example of a normal every day To Do’s list when I get back from work.

  • Go to the bank-Remember to ask the lady about that thing….(I don’t usually remember)
  • Walk the dog (To the mail box up the street counts)
  • Brush your teeth ( Check!)
  • Clean the office….(This room is really a hap-hazard storage area that has been on my daily To-do list for about 6 months now…. It is still a storage area…I figure if I call it the “office” enough,  maybe it will magically become one over night…)
  • Go through mail…4 weeks worth.
  • Bake a cheese cake for Allen… HAH!… baking at home….what a joke.
  • Shower (check!)
  • Unpack work stuff.
  • Pack for work!…Sometimes I like to throw in unnecessary exclamations, because it gets me more excited…. maybe.
    (Yeah… I really haven’t unpacked yet…)
  • I usually have a long list of people to call… But I usually separate them out into individual tasks… More checks at the end that way..
  • Laundry… (I don’t have a washer or dryer at my house… So I have TONS of clothes … it saves on laundry bills..)
  • Brush your teeth again! (Check! Damn, I’m good!)

Your list might be similar… Or completely different. For me, it is a way of keeping my self accountable when I have no driving force, such a boss or a pink slip, to keep me productive. We all have plans, and we sometimes are driven, inspired, or possibly forced into seeing them through. What about the things we have no control over?

How does a list prevent a large bank of fog from keeping my plane grounded? Or fend off a freak snow storm which keeps my relief in anchorage? Would it be possible to add that to my To do’s? …

  • Control weather.
  • Force plane to leave at gun point if needed.

I work 4 weeks at a time, 12 hours a day, 7 days a week…. and when its my time to go home. I’m ready. So, of course, planning to get out of here on time, I made my reservations for the early flight, packed 3 days ago, and then unpacked, because I still needed my toothbrush… I have had trouble sleeping for the past week and a half, and I’m happy to report that the board is clear of ship jobs for Crew change day. My plan of leaving on time was unfolding nicely!

I woke up this morning to find things were still trucking along swimmingly. I went on a line boat to assist a barge, and allowed myself to take joy in the little things. I didn’t have to shovel snow off the deck, I admired the moon (no fog), and the waves barely tickled our underside as we made our way across the bay (no wind)..This morning..my best laid plans were fool-proof. At approximately 12:00 pm…that all changed.

I am writing this post, looking out the port-hole at skies filled with massive snow flakes, through a visibility of about 4 feet. Thank you weather god for hearing my pleas…..Sigh.. guess it goes to show that all best laid plans are not all concrete ones. Whether they be a christmas list a mile long, a To Do list you never finish, or dreams of departing Valdez, Ak after 4 weeks of manual labor…sometimes… It’s just going to snow. I am now frantically trying to find someone who is driving to Anchorage, and just hoping I make it back to Homer in time for Sushi dinner.

Cheers! Here’s to planning those things you can’t control, the turn of events which hits you between the eyes, and dealing with what life gives you…

Breezy Vee

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