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Be a Chuck Norris for Your Writing

I’ve recently been chatting it up with a new Twitter friend John Davis, and something he said has really stuck with me. (Check him out @johndavisbooks …Why? Because he rocks!)

He said, “Brittney, you’ll find that I’m like the Chuck Norris of Self-Publishing.” It’s probably true…He’s quite impressive. But, more than that, the line stayed with me as a way of writing life. I want to be my own writing Chuck Norris. Don’t you? I sure hope so, because that might be the difference between a published novel that sells, and one that falls flat. I realize that Chuck Norris has a towering reputation of Badassery, but how did he obtain it?

Hard work? Determination, dedication, and desire? Sure. He put his blood, sweat, and tears into becoming the towering icon that he is today. It wasn’t easy, and he probably didn’t always follow the rules. .

I mean, isn’t Chuck Norris, by definition, the man who breaks the mold? I’m not saying that you should throw well-studied, and popular writing rules out the window so that you can be a maverick. I’m saying, try something new, be bold and don’t give up. Forge new paths and let your voice be heard.

My writing deserves a voice, and I’m sure your writing does as well. Let’s go forth and Chuck Norris the shit out of the writing world – Travel to the writing Virgin Islands, and leave them simply called “the Islands”.

Thank you John (and Chuck), for keeping me happily on the writing path. 🙂

Cheers to writing euphoria!



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Day 20: First Day at the Office

Ok…so technically I have already sat at my new desk with this fancy new chair a couple of times, but they were very limited engagements…And I decided today was official.

I’m going to give you a brief update on all of the newness…for those of you who have not read desk-worthy. My wonderful boyfriend recently made me a legless desk for my office, which by the way,  was once just a rickety old storage space. He cleaned everything out while I was at work, built me this desk and spent hours sanding and shellacking so that it stands now in magnificent shining glory. I got home and the office was perfect…only missing a comfortable writing chair and some nifty desk accessories. We took off for seattle and I missed my new office desperately, but was looking forward to going to office max and getting my chair search on…(not so much looking forward to the 100-600 dollar investment, however)…We arrived in Anchorage, Ak around 1 am and spent the night with my dad, expecting to get up around 8:30, hit the OM and then the road, on our way back to homer. We did an early morning Xmas gift exchange and then right before we left my dad’s wife brought me downstairs to where an old rotten box lay hidden under some garbage bags.

“I know it looks beat up..But it’s a brand new chair if you want it.”….And yes! There! Through the watermarked rot of the cardboard I could make out the faint markings of a desk chair, just waiting to be opened. We hauled it upstairs…braving glass shards which impaled my feet, back strain, and the treacherous wooden staircase which were just splinters waiting to happen.. at last we were able to open the box! It WAS brand new! So here we are, one office chair richer and no longer needing to traverse the aisles of OM! Oh, happy days!


I am happy to report that the chair was quickly put together, I have purchased some nifty desk accessories and am now sitting in what I consider a perfect office… The house is clean…I have my trusty writing buddy Georgia(Beagle), and I’m drinking a refreshing morning beverage…. There’s a song about it,something along the lines of.. It’s 5 a-clock somewhere! Please….Don’t judge me..:)

Don't Judge.....It's like breakfast juice with a tang!

I recently re-outlined my story, have kept up with my challenge to write on this blog everyday, and am now trying to figure out if I’m ready to start my writing schedule early…Or if I should wait for the new year as originally planned. I would also like to let you know that I started a Twitter account  to help with a fellow bloggers fight for NaNoWriMo. Please Feel free to Follow both of us on Twitter…And for every new Twitter follower The Athele Series (Kaitlin) Receives she will donate 1$ to NaNoWriMo, up to 500$!! What a great cause! Please don’t hesitate to check it out!


(Kaitlin will donate 1$ to NaNoWriMo for every new twitter follower she gets!)


(Add me just because I’m so awesome!)

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