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7 Ways to Show Your Writing a Mother’s Love

A mother’s love is a funny thing. It seems to me an unending, ever fruitful, and often times colossal, force to be reckoned with. Take for instance my mother:

  • Hard working owner of a B&B
  • Devoted Peony farmer
  • Grandmother/fill in mother of two full-time Grand-babies
  • Volunteer for multiple organizations
  • Doting wife
  • Loving Daughter

And that’s in a nut shell. The list of my mom’s to-dos goes on and on and on…and on. Yet, she still manages to come to my blog, and read every single one of my posts. If you go back right now and check in the comments section, she is often the first person (ok…Sometimes the only) to comment.

Those comments are always filled with affection, support, joy, and genuine happiness at having read something I wrote. Why? Because she’s operating with a mother’s love. When a mom loves her child, she will go above and beyond to make sure they feel that devotion.

After reading my mom’s last loving comment, I got to thinking…Why shouldn’t our writing get a mother’s love? After all, these words are our babies, are they not? They are the infants of our mind, and deserve that same sort of diligent affection that my mother finds time to shower me with.

So… I made a list.

7 Ways to Show your Writing a Mother’s Love

  1. Dedication: Let’s start here. I’m needy and forgetful. My mom knows this. If she didn’t constantly remind me that she loved and adored me…How, oh how, would I ever remember, or believe it? You’re writing is the same way. It’s needy. If you don’t dedicate yourself to writing daily, and express your devotion by getting words on the page, your skills will slowly start to rust. So, as I begin to wither without my mother’s constant reminders of devotion, our writing too will suffer without our attention. We must devote ourselves to writing, and improving our relationship with the written word.
  2. Confidence: I don’t know about your mom, but mine is a permanent resident of the ‘Brittney Fan club’. It is her faith that often times drives me to bigger and better things. So I say, give this confidence to your writing. An author once told me, “We are only as good as we believe we are.” Have faith in your ability to not only write, but to write well, and let that confidence bring your words to a greater level. It won’t come easily, but knowing that you are a Writer, that this is a tangible thing you can embrace, may give you a needed push to carry on.
  3. “You can do better”: When I was a child, my mother used this statement often. It’s not that what I had done was wrong, or unsatisfactory, but she knew that I was capable of so much more. Push your writing to be better. Don’t settle for mediocre or subpar verbiage. Explore, prod, and excel. Always. Give yourself goals, and push your own boundaries until your writing reaches the levels you want it to. Don’t give up on it.
  4. Nourishment: Mom’s feed us, so we must feed our writing. Attend seminars, read, go to writing conferences, and never stop learning. Feed your inner writer with knowledge!
  5. Freedom: My mom was rather rad, in that she let me have more freedom as a child than most parents. However, at any given age…in certain cases much later than others… we all must fly the coop.  Our moms have to let go — to give us our freedom. Give this to your writing! Allow the inner writer to just write. Don’t worry about grammar, or spelling or using the correct language… Just write. Give it creative freedom, and you may find something beautiful and outrageous. Something that would never have come to you in the confines of your own strict rules.
  6. Knowing when to walk away: Not going to lie… This drove me crazy!!! When we would argue, my mom was always the first to walk away. ‘Give me space’…’I’m done talking about this right now’…We’ve heard them all before! But, what I didn’t realize until I was out and about getting into crazy shenanigans… is that these moments of our relationship, were simply another type of love. I’m stubborn… and I didn’t get it entirely from my dad. When she walked away it was because she knew neither of us were going to give. She was giving us the space needed to breath, the space needed to soak in each other’s side. Know when to walk away from your writing. It needs space, and so do you! Give yourself time to let go of your stubborn streak, and come back to the pages with a new found openness. It could be that you really don’t need that scene with the rubber duck and polka-dot umbrella. Or, maybe, that scene is the Bee’s knees, and needs velociraptors with light sabers… Only you can decide… We walk away so that we can more clearly see if we need to kill our babies. She, as of now, has let me live.
  7. Love: Just pure and simple. My mother loves me. She tells me, in not only her words, but in her actions as well. I feel that love, and other people are able to see it. If you truly love your writing, and you express that love through devotion to your craft…Readers will see it and they will feel it through your words.

Give your mom a hug… She certainly deserves it!




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HEY!!! It’s me! Brittney!

HELLO WORLD! You might have forgotten me in my absence and if you have shame on you, and shame on me! Sorry for being gone so long! I had work and school and blaaaahh.. life got in the way! But, never fear after reading page after page of Hawthorne, Emerson, Dickinson, and Poe, I Brittney Lee Ann am back to rock this blog once again!

I spent a lot of my break doing the garden, wrote less than I would have liked…but still put the occasional word down now and again. I haven’t kept up with row80.. shame shame shame.. but I did have a good break, get A’s in both of my classes and got to see my boyfriend for the first time in AGES!

I started selling Scentsy products..LOVE IT! I’ve been a freak candle buyer for so long it’s incredible to be able to leave the   smells “burning” and not worry about lighting my house on fire! The support is great and I’m stoked…Who would have though direct sales could be so fun! I’ll stick a link on the side of here if anyone is interested in checking out my webpage!

My niece turned 5!!! Yeah! She is so awesome! All kisses and hugs to the moon and back! My dog jumped out of my moms truck and broke a nail down past the “cutting” line so she’s a big gimpy and bled for a bit. Wish I could have been there to hold her!!

France is coming on quickly! Going there in August for 4 weeks! CANT WAIT! Food, wine, the sites…boose.. Did I mention wine? I go to a wine party every chance I get here in homer where I live..Just some girls and the occasional guy getting together, cooking a regional cuisine and then everyone brings a wine to try to pair with it. Super fun!

My best friend moved to North Dakota:( I miss her already and she was gone before I left for work! Threw a going away party for her with balloons and streamers… She hates parties! Dang I love a good surprise party, don’t you?! She sent me the most ADORABLE photo on FB after she left.. which I have to share now.. haha

AWWW! I love that girl! 🙂

Well, that’s life in a nut shell.. I will try to get back into the swing of posting at least most days and drop you guys some recipes, a few laughs hopefully, and lots of BVS charm! Missed you!




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Fail, Fail…Epic Fail!

Ok.. So first official check in for Row80 and I have some bad news. I failed miserably….now we could go into the whole sha-bang about how I didn’t fail because there is still time left and yada yada yada…But we don’t have to. It was a fail. And It felt WONDERFUL!

I didn’t write(which actually didn’t feel wonderful..it felt sad and miserable)..I didn’t make ANY blog posts.. including the ones I have scheduled.. Oops..Sorry if you were expecting or looking forward to those!

I didn’t work out, I didn’t do anything really..

Other then go through my MASSIVE stack of mail from the past two months.. I’m talking massive. Talk to my propane company who was threatening to cut off my propane even though I’m on auto-pay and they’ve had no trouble removing the money from my bank account the last two months. Worry about my taxes after getting a corrected 1099 from the housing Corporation that gives me money for my tenant..Yeah, new income amount and less tax return:(

I have rifled through copious amounts of Credit Card offers(TRASH) and transferred pile after pile to different tables in an attempt to make my house look less cluttered by all the dreaded envelopes.. Somehow mail is less fun when its junk/bills.

Then any of my other time was filled with family! My mom, my boyfriend, my grandma, my niece, and my wonderfully adorable nephew. My other grandma, my aunt, my cousins… Wow, it’s nice living in a town where so many of the people I love are also living! So…yea. I failed at Row80..but this is just the first week, and I’m going to rock it next week!

I did do the orientation presentation for my class online which was required and read the first chapter of my book in preparation for starting tomorrow.. So, maybe not a total fail after all. Here’s to onward and upward for this coming week!!!



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Day 21: Innocence

There is something so prodigious about seeing the world through a child’s eyes. When was the last time I got as excited or as attached about or to anything? They love harder, purer, without strings, they forgive instantly, and they become emotionally attached to inanimate objects as I only wish I could.  They do it so innocently, without qualms or ulterior motives.. Adults get attached to material things and it comes off shallow and unbecoming. A materialistic person loves only those things which they gain from…So what is different? Perhaps this is because children do not love value, they love entirely. They love the rabbit with the ripped ear, and missing button eye. They adore the toy car which no longer lights up when they slide it across the wooden slats of the kitchen floor, and they love to make the noises of its mighty engine. They not only love those things which we as adults no longer notice, they also show passion on a scale that makes me ache. To put away the christmas ornaments; to hop inside a rickety blue sled while traveling at moderately unimpressive speeds down the driveway…these minuet things elicit reactions of absolute horror or complete joy.

I bring this up because today was the day we put away the christmas tree, and spending the day with my 4-year-old niece was truly an eye-opening experience. She decided at lunch that she did not want to take a nap… And she meant it! Her brown eyes can whip from teasing, to happy, to utter desolation in seconds, without even the hint of a pause….Very impressive.

So after her mother decided to let her “postpone” nap time…there was noo way she was getting out of it entirely.. she and I set out to remove the tinsel from our Charlie brown tree, while everyone else got the totes from the shop. She grabbed my hand and tugged me along towards our prize (at this point I think she was just happy she didn’t have to nap) but as I began to gently remove the delicate silver strands she at once started to panic.

“I don’t want to take away the tinsel Auntie Brit Brit!…It makes the tree sparkle!”

“I know baby, but we have to throw the tree away. Don’t worry, we’ll get tinsel next year.” …Little did I know that I had made a grave mistake….

“Throw the tree away? But Brit Brit, It’s a new tree…please don’t throw it away. I like this tree…He likes me. Please Brit Brit, he’s brand new…he’s just a baby.”

“aw sweetie. He’s dying anyway. Were going to get pine needles all over the floor if we don’t put him outside now.”

“Dying?…” her lip started to tremble. “I don’t want him to die auntie.” At this point I had stopped removing tinsel and I was worried she was going to start crying.

“Don’t cry baby doll. He’s going to tree heaven, and next year we will have a bigger better tree…But this one is tired…and we don’t want to make him work so hard being pretty when Christmas is over do we?..I mean look at all these heavy ornaments he has on….It must be really hard work!”

“Yea? Do you think he needs to nap?”

“Yes love…He needs a rest…Tell you what! Why don’t we stack all the tinsel on auntie’s arm and then you can wear it as a sparkly wig.”

“Ok auntie!”

She began to take the tinsel off with vigor when my mom and Allen came back in with the totes. Throughout the process she would get sad and longingly whine about her tree and her ornaments…We let her take a couple to her new bunk bed and continued to tear down the fantasy we build every year. The trains were placed lovingly in their boxes, the delicate ornaments were wrapped in tissue carefully, and the popcorn/cranberry strings were set aside to feed the birds. The tree was removed from its stand and my niece followed us slowly outside, its needles falling to the snow and boughs brushing the ground with a sweeping sound. We counted to three as we tossed it to its final resting place near the fire pit.

“Goodbye.. Sleep well.” She smiled at me, and then began to throw horribly formed snow balls. This began an epic battle where most of the snow ended up on the annoying dog, whom was bouncing on all of us in a surprisingly efficient plan to tear the snow from our hands. Her laughter rang out in the crisp air with delight; her smile…snot running from her nose..seemed to reach both ears. We soon were joined by my two-year old nephew and we (Allen and I) took turns running them up and down the driveway in their sled. The fun ended with hot chocolate and marshmallows, shared with a tiny green plastic spoon.

I have many wonderful moments with my niece and nephew, but today I learned that she is the perfect age to teach. I watch how she lives and I long to return to a time when it was that simple…I see the joy she gets in things I take for granted, and I experience the pain she feels for things I no longer mourn. What a gem she is. So I suppose what I am getting at is this…Don’t take the little things for granted, love without reservations, and experience each moment as if you were four and seeing it for the first time. Let’s not mourn the loss of our innocence, but embrace those who still exude it.

Cheers to Life!



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