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Be a Chuck Norris for Your Writing

I’ve recently been chatting it up with a new Twitter friend John Davis, and something he said has really stuck with me. (Check him out @johndavisbooks …Why? Because he rocks!)

He said, “Brittney, you’ll find that I’m like the Chuck Norris of Self-Publishing.” It’s probably true…He’s quite impressive. But, more than that, the line stayed with me as a way of writing life. I want to be my own writing Chuck Norris. Don’t you? I sure hope so, because that might be the difference between a published novel that sells, and one that falls flat. I realize that Chuck Norris has a towering reputation of Badassery, but how did he obtain it?

Hard work? Determination, dedication, and desire? Sure. He put his blood, sweat, and tears into becoming the towering icon that he is today. It wasn’t easy, and he probably didn’t always follow the rules. .

I mean, isn’t Chuck Norris, by definition, the man who breaks the mold? I’m not saying that you should throw well-studied, and popular writing rules out the window so that you can be a maverick. I’m saying, try something new, be bold and don’t give up. Forge new paths and let your voice be heard.

My writing deserves a voice, and I’m sure your writing does as well. Let’s go forth and Chuck Norris the shit out of the writing world – Travel to the writing Virgin Islands, and leave them simply called “the Islands”.

Thank you John (and Chuck), for keeping me happily on the writing path. 🙂

Cheers to writing euphoria!



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Day 6: Shout out to Alec Baldwin

Last week Alec Baldwin was kicked off an American Airlines flight for being disruptive before take off. A flight attendant asked him to turn off his words with friends game, and Alec was not too keen on the idea. This week Alec made a surprise appearance on SNL as character Capt. Steve Rogers,making fun of AA, even going so far as to apologize to himself from the airline.

First off, that flight attendant must have had some major balls…kicking Alec Baldwin off that flight, is paramount to telling Chuck Norris to piss off, or kicking Steven Seagal in the nuts. And who would want to? Has this man/woman not seen 30-rock?! Alec Baldwin truly is a “national Treasure” as he so dubbed himself on SNL.

Most importantly, who is really going to take the airline’s side on this? When was the last time you took a flight and enjoyed it? When was the last time you said to yourself…”Yeah! I’m getting on an airplane, better put on my nice clothes and do my hair?”…People don’t feel like looking nice or dressing up, because flying is no longer a special occasion…In fact, I’d even say its a chore.

The last time I flew, they charged me 25 dollars for a bag I couldn’t carry on because I happen to need deodorant and shampoo. Made me strip down to what felt like my skivvies, because I forgot to take a nail file out of my backpack…And then they didn’t even have the courtesy to give me a free cookie when I was onboard… No, I don’t want your damn complimentary beverage… I want a freaking beer, because now I’m stressed out! (but of course I forgot my credit card in my other bag, and they don’t accept cash)…Have you ever seen the way the flight attendant looks at you when you ask for the whole can of soda? Its a smoldering death stare… eyes which read, you are scum! God forbid you want to drink more than the three sips those tiny plastic cups, crammed with ice, allow you.

These days airlines find any way possible to squeeze out one more all mighty dollar, and they do it with a fake smile, and an irritated expression. So, Alec Baldwin wanted to play one more word on words with friends? Give the man a break! Finish walking up and down the aisles, wake up a few exhausted travelers who have prematurely put their seats backs, and take a chill pill. Your power trip is not the most important thing in this world.

Believe me.

So…Cheers Alec Baldwin! Thanks for putting some fun back into the equation!

Check out this link to see Alec taking the situation into his own hands!

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