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Another Day at Work

Sorry I’ve been away as of late…Super busy at work! I’m going to hopefully nab time to write a more extensive post tomorrow, but for today…I share a photo of said all consuming day job!


Valdez, Alaska @ it’s finest!Image


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Row80 update 2/29/12..Photo of Homer, AK

Hey all!

Not much to report…Colored note cards are working like a charm, and I’ve kept up with my 700-1500 words a day. I’m still working, and will be until April 4th…They are putting new cabinets in the Galley on Monday so that means one of two things. A. I will be getting the day off to write and frolic about happy and free for the first time in a month. OR B. I will have to cook for 8 men around another guy who has turned off all of the stoves as he rips them out.. yeah, not so much fun!

How is everything going with you all? This is my home town, Hope you all enjoy the view!

P.s I took this photo myself!:)




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