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Another Day at Work

Sorry I’ve been away as of late…Super busy at work! I’m going to hopefully nab time to write a more extensive post tomorrow, but for today…I share a photo of said all consuming day job!


Valdez, Alaska @ it’s finest!Image


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TBL Something or other…

Holy-Bajeezy.. This week has been long! Long days, and short nights! Sorry I missed Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s Blog posts, but internet has been shoddy and I have been exhausted! Going to keep it short today too, because I have been up since 0230!

Try-it Tuesday-

Ok..Best thing since sliced bread.. And even tasty on sliced bread!!


That’s right, Coconut Oil. If you haven’t used it instead of Olive oil, spread it on toast instead of butter, and rubbed it all over your hair and body.. Well, my friend. You are missing out! It not only smells and tastes fantastic, it is incredibly high in healthy mid-range fats..not to mention that its cholesterol free! I recently discovered this wonderful salve, and can honestly say I will never go back! Get yourself a tub and start using it!


Row-80 update-

Been writing, updated my WIP journal to include the last 6 chapters, and went for a 35 minute walk today.

TBL Thursday-

I am waaay too tired to think of a witty story to tell you, so I thought I would share a photo or two of my daily life here in Valdez, Ak aboard the Tug Stalwart!

The first Hummingbird I ever saw! So adorable!:)


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Row80 update!! 1/22/12

Workout Goals:

I started out this week with a lovely trip down my stairs…I’m talking bruised and battered 12 steps over. Despite this I was able to go to open gym volleyball on both Tuesday and Thursday! I’ve tried to get on the treadmill at least a couple of times a week, but unfortunately I didn’t even see the treadmill let alone run on it this week. I did go for a snowshoeing hike on Wednesday and I bought and tried out a Kettle bell work out on friday. And my, what a work out it is….

So goal wise, I’d say I got as much exercise as I have been wanting to get, but I didn’t necessarily follow the path I originally laid out for myself.

Writing goals:

I’ve been writing pretty steadily! I got about 2500 words written on my new WIP!! Which is productive with a Capital P!…at least for me… I started reading my writing reference books on my camping trip, but it got soaked with coal water…So, it’s been drying, and I’m hoping I can still read it!

I’ve kept moderately updated in the social networking world, but it is possible I could do a bit more. I wrote a non-update post about my trip to Skilak lake, and shot out some twitter updates as well.

I’ve been bouncing back and forth between a couple of books, and if my boyfriend would actually let me read them I’m sure they’d be read a lot quicker.. Is it just me or do non-readers not understand the importance of “reading time”…I leave the room for a reason!

I spent a few hours this week looking into getting a Bachelors degree in English through the state university system. It looks like there is no way I can get even close to finishing my degree online, and I’m not ready to quit my job, so I don’t know when I’ll be able to start. I am going to continue looking for an online degree, and maybe even just take a few classes online to keep myself busy. I’m leaning towards an English-creative writing focused BA or an English-Education focused BA with a creative writing minor. It really depends on what is being offered at whichever school I decide to go to. Anyone taken an online English degree? Recommend it?

Spending today in 49er red in a number 80 Jerry Rice jersey and watching my underdog team rock the Giants…A true David and Goliath day! Go Niners!


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The Alaskan Way

Picture this: A lake white with snow, free of all sounds outside the snap of a twig and the howl of the wind through the trees surrounding it. The air is crisp, like the bite of a shark upon your cheeks and as you inhale is takes your breath away. A small cabin sits empty, waiting for you to start a fire in the empty wood stove beside which stands a sizable stack of dry split wood. You tighten the straps upon your snowshoes and stomp through the heavy snowfall towards this paradise, eager to warm your frozen toes. The temperature reads -20 F as you fumble with your matches, hoping the flame will catch hold of the dry tinder and bring life back into your frigid limbs. Welcome. It’s time to camp.

Ah, the Alaskan way…we are a group of a strange folk that is for certain! I was lucky enough to spend my Wednesday and most of my Thursday camping in negative degree weather with my parents and boyfriend at a public cabin on Skilak Lake, also known as Upper Ohmer Lake. Days filled with fun, frivolity, and copious amounts of liquor…Does it get any better? We got to the cabin around 4 pm and spent the better part of 6 hours praying that we could figure out how to damper the fire correctly to squeeze out just a few more degrees of warmth. We passed the time with a lovely dinner of Lamb steaks cooked on a skillet over the stove with rice and a hearty salad, booze, and many competitive games of Cribbage. It was men vs. women, an age-old rivalry that festered in the confines of that log cabin. By the end of the night we were warm, tipsy..or maybe just tipsy…and full. We fell asleep Wednesday night with laughter on our lips, and even the dogs basked in the warmth of our love as they curled up on the brand new sleeping bags by our feet.

The next morning we had a hearty breakfast, and piled on the layers. We spent the next couple hours exploring with our snowshoes and frosting up our eyelashes. The view at the end of the snowy hike was worth the effort, and we took a break to take photos and catch our breaths. Glorious. Even I, with my uncouth clumsiness was able to enjoy the fruitful adventure.


We finished out Allen and I’s portion of the camping trip playing cribbage and eating a lovely lunch of homemade clam chowder….Not bad for a camping trip in -20 degree weather.. Not bad at all.

As with all of my adventures there were casualties…A new writing reference book was accidentally used to soak up the melted snow off our collected beach coal, and once dry I will determine if it can be salvaged. I took my journal and am proud to say I did a small bit of writing on the trip, which unfortunately ended in an equally wet journal…Overall, the trip was a huge success and has inspired me to visit the lovely cabin/lake area in the summer. Thanks to my awesome parental units for inviting us on the trip, and the wonderful bears who remained hibernating!

The coolest cats this side of Skilak Lake!




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Row80 update 1/15/2012

wow… This week has been a wild ride. Like hopping on roller coaster and then realizing half way through I don’t like being upside down and I get motion sickness easily..Which I don’t…and I do. I have had to remind my self so many times this week that family is important and I should just be there for them… and not feel like ripping my hair out or shooting myself in the foot so that I can get a couple restful days in the hospital.

This week’s goals have been really up and down. We had a freak snow storm which cancelled both Tuesday and Thursday’s volleyball, and I was only able to make it to my Aunt’s once this week to use the treadmill…If only I had one at my place, I might be more motivated to run on it. But the dangerous road conditions, combined with the fact that my brother moved in with me and my boyfriend in our tiny one bedroom house…well, let’s just say running has been low on my list of priorities. I have spent the entire week being a hostess in my own home… when have I relaxed, you ask… I haven’t. So… brother living with me…using my toilet paper..and I mean Using it… getting mad all the time..blah blah blah.. I love my family.. I love my family.. I love them lots and lots! So workout goals were thrown a little to the curb this week, lots of sitting around and taking care of people.

Now writing goals on the other hand… That has been going really well actually! I’ve written my 500 words every day and even started a new WIP! It has inspired me to do a little research, and I spent a bit of time watching a strange french movie last night with subtitles. My office…my sanctuary…was invaded when my brother moved in, but I kicked him to the curb and made myself some tea!

Overall the week wasn’t exactly what I would have hoped for, but it is what it is.. Life gets in the way…

And I will share a new sentence that I really enjoy, which I found on that french movie I spoke of earlier…

“I didn’t know whether I was swimming in the sky, or flying at the bottom of the ocean.”



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Day 22: Finding my Writing Time

I spent some time writing last night at approximately 2 am, and am glad to say I got out a little under 1000 words…Possibly the most I have written in months. Yeah me! This is good and bad. I love the idea that I have one time during the day in which I am more creative, I just hope it’s not from 2-3 am. I was awake till 430 and slept until 12 today….Doesn’t exactly line up with the rest of the worlds schedule. It doesn’t help that I also couldn’t possibly stop reading Brood of Bones by AEMarling which is quite wonderful. You should all check it out! I’m planning on spending the next few days writing at different times during the day in the hopes that I can find some creative moments. Does it matter what time you write, really? Do people find that they are more creative at certain times, rather then creative whenever they sit down to write? What kind distractions do you need in order to write? Or do you need complete silence?

My boyfriend Allen was supposed to be going to work, and I was dreading/looking forward to the quiet of the house. He has not been called out yet and is at the moment blaring Top Gear (UK version) and distracting me quiet thoroughly. I do enjoy a good episode of Top Gear….They are truly fantastic, but not quite conducive to writing…unfortunately.

So…Today I would really love some help from my small, yet loyal collection of readers! Please leave me comments letting me know what kind of writing environment you thrive in! Do you listen to music? Do you need the temperature just so…cold wrapped up in your favorite blanket? Hot with a fan? A mug of steaming hot Rooibos tea? Please give me your secrets!

Happy writing to you!!


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Day 18: 10 Things Karaoke Singers Do

After spending a night out with my boyfriend at Daverthumps in Lynnwood, Wa, I have compiled a short list of things that virtually ALL Karaoke singers do… Please feel free to add any that you can think of!!

1.) Sing Picture by Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow. I don’t believe that there has been a single session of Karaoke in which I have been in attendance that did not include this song…Sometimes twice…

2.) Let out unnecessary vocal OH’s during Musical breaks… Come on people.. they’re there for a reason…

3.) The awkward musical break shuffle….It’s a combination of one-handed arm swings and back and forth foot shuffling that accompanies any time the singer doesn’t have the excuse of looking at the screen.

4.) Picks a song that they can’t actually sing. This includes singing too high, too low, or singing notes only dogs can hear.

5.) Begs their friends to join them on the stage…which either a. Results in a gaggle of people singing off-key and often times to a song which doesn’t always match the words on the screen…or B. Results in them.. alone… singing with the microphone two feet away so no one in the audience is privy to their breathy mistakes. (Thank you for this by the way)

6.) Mumble “A Boy Named Sue” by Johnny Cash until the line…”MY NAME IS SUE! HOW DO YOU DO? Now your going to die!” Which they yell out to the crowd while simultaneously smiling at their friends like they have just invented the new pop tart, and doing some combination of fist pumping or chest puffing.

7.) Is actually good, and spends half the song telling the crowd how bad she’s doing instead of just singing…Yes I mean she…Guys don’t do this.

8.) Thinks they are good, and sings into the microphone like it isn’t turned on…They aren’t and it is….

9.) Stops halfway through and walks off embarrassed because they know everyone is staring at them…Little do they know… not a single person noticed them until their little stunt…Good job!

10.) Decides to get hammered before they sing because they just KNOW they sound better when drunk…Don’t they? DON’T THEY??!?!?!?

Cheers! Merry Xmas Eve, and happy singing to ya!

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