A Creature is Born

I have finally written! I feel like Dr. Frankenstein, looking down upon my sheet covered creation, it’s hand twitching with new found life… MUAHAHAH!

I wish I could tell you that the last week and a half or so of silence has been filled with bouts of unbridled creativity… But, Alas. I can do no such thing. I could go into detail about my busy schedule, exhausted mental state and various other excuses… But, the board stands as such.

Betterment and productivity: 0, Procrastination and slacker-dom: quite a bit more than 0…

I just busted out 600 words on a slightly unrelated conversation with one of my characters regarding bear attacks and mushrooms, and although I will probably never use it in the book… It felt great to get to know him a bit better, and actually write SOMETHING!

I’ve been distracted by a new show I was introduced too… The abridged version of Hellsing Unlimited. If you are offended by vulgarity and crude humor… Not the show for you. But, this show had me close to tears a few times! So hilarious! Check it out on YouTube! (Anime)

Anyway, back to work! Let’s hope this tiny coal of creativity is protected well enough to nurture and turn into a flame. If not, I better start drinking more coffee and press on regardless!

Thanks for all your support!!!




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2013 Writer’s Digest Conference East…Yeah, That’s Happening!

SO! I was actually going to write something entirely different, but after checking my email and making an expensive snap decision… Drum roll please…..I’m going to the 2013 Writers Digest Conference East in New York on April 5-7th!!!! Had to tell you all!! So happy and excited!

I signed up for the friday Self-publishing conference day, which I will only be able to attend half of because I also signed up for a Boot Camp with JAMES SCOTT BELL!!! 40 people maximum and I got in!!

He’s my writing writer idol! I’ve got tons of his technical writing books bent and scoured over at home! I can’t wait to meet him and glean all sorts of tricks of the trade from him! The boot camp is called, “Writing a book they can’t put down”…

If a giddy scream of delight could be conveyed through blog it might look a little something like this…


That’s how it looks when I read it in my head at least!

AHH! If anyone else is going and wants to meet up for lunch, or attend some of the amazing events together in New York, please, please, please don’t hesitate to leave me a comment and let me know!!

I have to get off of here and go write! My book better be a lot more polished than it is now! I only have until April 5th!!

I apologize for all of the glaring structural and grammatical errors… I’m way too excited to pay attention to the basics!!!:D



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Row80 Check In!

OOOK, This week..

New Week’s Resolutions:

Write out my work outs daily..I rocked this goal. I’m talking CHAMP status! I wrote my workouts every day on little papers and taped them to the wall with fancy duck tape. Then I ordered a workout journal and transferred all my papers into it! … Rocked it, right?!

Creepy notes left around for others to find…  I Don’t know how creepy they were, but I wrote a couple “Kick me” signs and put them on people… and I put one in the bathroom…


Yeah, Human flesh. Gross. lol

New, New Week’s Resolutions:

Work out 5 days this week.

Wear my hair in 7 different unattractive ways. I shall post pictures…:D


Row80 goals

Writing 500 words- Ok.. So I didn’t do spectacularly here… I wrote 3 days of this week… Yeah, I know. But, I got three straight nights of 8 hours of sleep, turned off my phone for almost two days straight, and had a couple great conversations with the guy that I’m dating. So over all it was a productive week!

Reading- Fail.. that is all that needs to be said… lol

Editing- My editor sent me over 4 or so chapters and I got through those pretty well. I also managed to write up a blog post or two, and I’m checking in today..

Working out- I’ve walked between 40-120(one day) minutes a day, and have also been running stairs in the Engine room and lifting weights… Combine that with eating healthy and I’m down 3.3 lbs. Not bad!

Overall, a good week for me…But, I could definitely invest in my writing more!!





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Inspiring Folks…Yup, That’s What I Do!

I am proud and honored to report that “A Cure for Lackluster Motivation” was recently nominated for an award!


Thank you to Trisha Dey for the nomination!

Check out her blog HERE! (and my nomination..Woot woot!)

The guidelines for this award:

1. Create a post and reveal 7 things about yourself.

2. Post the blog award on your site, indicate who nominated you.

3. Present the award to up to 15 bloggers that inspire you and include links to their blogs in your post.


#1. I’m a huge fan of Frank’s RedHot… If you are also a Redhot fanatic, you can attest to the fact that it pretty much tastes good on ANYTHING! If you haven’t tried Frank’s… Do so!

#2. I’m struggling to come up with anything about myself non food related. This might tell something about me.

#3. I think that bright colored clothing is awesome. Consequently, I often find myself wishing that I knew how to color coordinate so that I didn’t end up looking like a rainbow swirly pop.

#4. I get distracted by shiny objects.

#5. I sort of know how to juggle. It’s a work in progress.

#6. I have a beagle…but, other than that, my “me…me…and more me” blog post is now entirely inaccurate… I should do something about that.

#7. I recently was a WINNER of Nanowrimo and am currently working on editing my new book. If you have questions about National Novel Writing Month,  click this link: Nanowrimo

Ok! So, my nominations for this award are as follows:

  • Things My Belly Likes  – I have been following this Blogger for as long as I’ve owned a blog, and she is constantly posting amazingly delicious, healthy recipes! She’s inspired me many times to tweak my own recipes and eat a little healthier! Thanks!!
  • Jenny Hansen – Another Blogger that I’ve followed diligently… Jenny’s blog is about more! And she’s inspired me to write more, and be more focused on my goals! Thanks Jenny!
  • Kaitlin And Michael Branch – These two have a very fun blog! I’ve been tracking them and their journey to publishing The Athele Series for about a year now. They have fun posts, interesting tidbit Tuesday’s in which the reader gets samples of their writing, and some informational posts about writing and such! Check it out!
  • Ciucela – I have just recently started to follow this blog, but the posts are always an interesting read, and the photos are phenomenal! Check it out!
  • Black Ophelia – I love her posts! Always an interesting read, lots of inspirational writer’s photos, and a passion for writing that encourages me to do the same! Thanks!
  • Miss Audrey: Tomorrow – Check out her blog! Funny, inspirational and a good read!
  • Fibromy-Awesome – If you check out any of these blogs, this is where it’s at! This girl is inspirational to the extreme! Struggling through day to day with an upbeat attitude and hilarious sense of humor! Thanks for making me smile, laugh and root for you! ( Seriously, this girl is awesome… If she hasn’t received this award 10 times before now, I’ll be shocked!)
  • Gloria Weber – Love this blog!! Funny, inspirational and talented, she is definitely worth checking out!

Ok, I know I could nominate up to 15, but 8 is all I got for now! Thanks again to Trisha Dey!!


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The Death of Introspection

In the not too distant past, I came to the self-realization, rather ironically, that I am not a very introspective person. I go about my day-to-day blissfully unaware of my own thoughts and actions. This is probably why some would consider me spontaneous, but in truth I just don’t think shit through. Why is this?

I have some theories…probably wrong.

#1. Not enough hugs as a child. (Since my mother will probably be the first person to read this, I’d like to clarify that this is a joke.)

#2. Not enough self lovin’…(Since my mother will probably be the first person to read this, I’d like to clarify that this is not a joke, and I’m sorry you had to read about it on a blog.)

#3. Not enough Sunshine and Rainbows… (Mom… Seriously? Alaska? What were you thinking?)

#4. Because it’s lame…I use introspection to fall asleep.

#5. A dependence on my cell phone and social media….( Sorry mom, I probably should answer your texts…)

All jokes aside, I am incredibly dependent on my phone and social media. The fact that you are reading this, and I am taking the time to write it on my computer, proves as such. Last night in a moment of clarity I turned off my phone and shut down my computer. In the few moments of introspection before sleep, (the 8 full hours I got…holy crap balls!!! This is actually possible?!) I realized that I haven’t been willingly away from my phone since I purchased it. And to top it all off, I haven’t been away from my phone unwillingly for more than a few days even still. Yeah, scary.

There was a period of about two days in which I went without in 2009. I call it the impossible shot of ’09. From my bed, with eyes closed I tossed my phone to the side, somehow managing to sink it into a glass of water 2 feet to the left and away from said mattress. The only sound being the solid cushioned thunk of phone against glass bottom; A shot I would be loath to make to this day given 50 phones and utter determination. Swish? The two-day grace period between the cries of horror at what I had done, my face lit only by the light reflected mockingly through a clear prison, and the purchase of a new de-vice was based solely on the time it took my pay check to clear the bank.

There were also a few three-day periods in 2010 when my boat made its way to Port Etches and we were without internet and cell service.

That’s it. I can count on one hand the number of times my phone has been away from me for more than a few hours in the past 5-8 years… This might have something to do with my crap memory, but I’m pretty sure it’s more to do with the physical withdrawals I feel at parting from my life-line.

All this phone time equates (in my mind) to one thing…why would I need to be introspective and take time to get to know myself, when I can play angry birds, text a friend (or 15, in case that one doesn’t respond within 5 minutes), or channel surf Facebook? Who is Brittney, but a quirky Facebook post or a snarky text? I turned off my phone last night, and as of yet I haven’t turned it back on. I’m hoping to give myself a few days to really think about what that means to me, and maybe even take a minute to get to the meat of this person I claim to be. I’m obviously not without media… seeing as how I’m writing this blog, and I’m sure I will get it out there by posting on Facebook… but, give me a break!! It’s been many, many years, and I’m taking baby steps here!




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ROW80 Update and A Snippet

Ok… So Goal updates..

New Week’s Resolutions: Go.

-Tracking: I’d say that I tracked better, but if we’re being honest, not as well as my goal specified. I’d give myself a C on this one. I’ve also had the munchies, and not even in a “Washington state’s new law” sort of way. Just eating too much.

-Question evasion: This actually went quite poorly. I thought it would be super fun to avoid questions all week, but it wasn’t.  I completely forgot most of the time, and couldn’t tell you from day to day if I was even asked direct questions, let alone answered them or not. I, in one moment of clarity, had a fun little questions debate with a coworker, but it ended after only a few short evasions. In that brief interlude I decided (with a sly little chuckle, I should add) not to tell my coworkers about the goal because then they’d hound me all week with direct questions. Out of sight out of mind apparently, because I was nothing but forthright and accommodating all week. How disappointing.

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Being a Better Person In Your Heart

There are people who wake up puking rainbows, and singing sunshine into the world. I am not one of those people. There are people who upon hearing the statement, “No, no, no…What do you DO do?” don’t immediately whisper inside their own mind…’oh, man! He said doodoo!’… I am not one of those people. There are those who think happy thoughts, praise the ass hole at work for being slightly decent, and genuinely stop to smell all the roses. They are the clean ones, the untainted. I am not one of those people, but I do consider myself a “good” person. Why?

I recently had a very eye opening conversation with an intelligent man, regarding the inner most workings of the human being. I’m not talking about internal organs or the vascular system, I’m talking about the wayward workings of the heart and inner mind.

‘I wish I was a nicer person in my heart.’ He says, glancing over at me quickly before returning his attention to the road. The car ride has been mostly silent up until this point and I am slightly startled by the sound of his voice.

‘What do you mean?’ I ask, forcefully ripping my eyes from the clean pages of my recently purchased novel. It’s probably for the best that I put it down, my stomach is starting to get that queazy reading-in-a-car feeling. 

‘I was just contemplating whether I should swerve now to facilitate your motion sickness, or wait until after we’ve had lunch so that it’s worse for you.’ He smiles at me, chuckles slightly and then goes back to driving. 

‘Yeah, I wish you were a nicer person in your heart too!’ I say, before folding my receipt firmly between the pages of my book, and clamping it shut. I don’t want him to get any more ideas. 

The truly remarkable thing about said conversation, is that it was followed by nothing. No swerving, no reckless driving to ensure my equilibrium stayed shaken…nothing. In fact, I would go so far as to say that his driving improved almost immediately. This, cruel thoughts-kind actions, mentality got me thinking. I don’t know about you, but there are countless times in my life where I have found my self thinking something cruel, inappropriate, mean, or downright nasty. I have plotted elaborate hoaxes, envisioned rivals tripping on their own feet, and my brother’s computer self combusting into a thousand tiny pieces. I have giggled internally about potty humor, and cursed out my mother. (Sorry mom…It was mostly in my 17th year… you know… THAT year.) All of this, without a soul’s knowledge save my own. I spend many days wishing that I was a better person in my heart, but does having these thoughts and feelings make me a “Bad” person? I don’t think so. I think that having these thoughts and feelings makes me a better person, to be honest.

On a typical day, I can have anywhere from 1-1000 horrible things pop into my head; the number is not predetermined, nor have I ever kept track. I firmly believe that it is in these thoughts that my moral code and ethical behavior is strengthened. Guilt, shame, and a desire to stand apart from these thoughts are all powerful motivators. There is a statement that’s been flying around for a great many years. ‘Actions speak louder than words.’

It is not in the thoughts or feelings that we have, but how we choose to process and act upon them that makes us who we are. I make a conscience effort to do good things, and be kind to others, partly because of the darkness that plagues my mind, and partly because I truly believe in being a better person. I have chosen not to be determined by what I was born with, but rather, forge my own path. I have no control over what I think, or how I feel, but I can control how I treat other people. I’m sure there are those in this world who doubt their morals and ethical fabric, because of these thoughts. Well, I’m here to tell you that no one is perfect, and that despite the little devil on our shoulder…we can be as good, or as bad, as we choose to be.

Imagine a world in which for every bad thought, a person performed an act of kindness… Even at 50% we’d be looking at a whole hell of a lot more beauty and friendship in the world. So yeah, we can all wish that we were better people in our hearts; we can dream of a day when we don’t make fun of the neighbor’s comb over, or think awful things when no one is listening. But if we want to be better people? All we have to do is…Be. Better. People.




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