A Creature is Born

I have finally written! I feel like Dr. Frankenstein, looking down upon my sheet covered creation, it’s hand twitching with new found life… MUAHAHAH!

I wish I could tell you that the last week and a half or so of silence has been filled with bouts of unbridled creativity… But, Alas. I can do no such thing. I could go into detail about my busy schedule, exhausted mental state and various other excuses… But, the board stands as such.

Betterment and productivity: 0, Procrastination and slacker-dom: quite a bit more than 0…

I just busted out 600 words on a slightly unrelated conversation with one of my characters regarding bear attacks and mushrooms, and although I will probably never use it in the book… It felt great to get to know him a bit better, and actually write SOMETHING!

I’ve been distracted by a new show I was introduced too… The abridged version of Hellsing Unlimited. If you are offended by vulgarity and crude humor… Not the show for you. But, this show had me close to tears a few times! So hilarious! Check it out on YouTube! (Anime)

Anyway, back to work! Let’s hope this tiny coal of creativity is protected well enough to nurture and turn into a flame. If not, I better start drinking more coffee and press on regardless!

Thanks for all your support!!!




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One response to “A Creature is Born

  1. If it is anything like the Yu Gi Oh abridged series, it must be freaking awesome. Sometimes, we need to be lazy (or that’s what I tell myself).

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