2013 Writer’s Digest Conference East…Yeah, That’s Happening!

SO! I was actually going to write something entirely different, but after checking my email and making an expensive snap decision… Drum roll please…..I’m going to the 2013 Writers Digest Conference East in New York on April 5-7th!!!! Had to tell you all!! So happy and excited!

I signed up for the friday Self-publishing conference day, which I will only be able to attend half of because I also signed up for a Boot Camp with JAMES SCOTT BELL!!! 40 people maximum and I got in!!

He’s my writing writer idol! I’ve got tons of his technical writing books bent and scoured over at home! I can’t wait to meet him and glean all sorts of tricks of the trade from him! The boot camp is called, “Writing a book they can’t put down”…

If a giddy scream of delight could be conveyed through blog it might look a little something like this…


That’s how it looks when I read it in my head at least!

AHH! If anyone else is going and wants to meet up for lunch, or attend some of the amazing events together in New York, please, please, please don’t hesitate to leave me a comment and let me know!!

I have to get off of here and go write! My book better be a lot more polished than it is now! I only have until April 5th!!

I apologize for all of the glaring structural and grammatical errors… I’m way too excited to pay attention to the basics!!!:D




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