Row80 Check In!

OOOK, This week..

New Week’s Resolutions:

Write out my work outs daily..I rocked this goal. I’m talking CHAMP status! I wrote my workouts every day on little papers and taped them to the wall with fancy duck tape. Then I ordered a workout journal and transferred all my papers into it! … Rocked it, right?!

Creepy notes left around for others to find…  I Don’t know how creepy they were, but I wrote a couple “Kick me” signs and put them on people… and I put one in the bathroom…


Yeah, Human flesh. Gross. lol

New, New Week’s Resolutions:

Work out 5 days this week.

Wear my hair in 7 different unattractive ways. I shall post pictures…:D


Row80 goals

Writing 500 words- Ok.. So I didn’t do spectacularly here… I wrote 3 days of this week… Yeah, I know. But, I got three straight nights of 8 hours of sleep, turned off my phone for almost two days straight, and had a couple great conversations with the guy that I’m dating. So over all it was a productive week!

Reading- Fail.. that is all that needs to be said… lol

Editing- My editor sent me over 4 or so chapters and I got through those pretty well. I also managed to write up a blog post or two, and I’m checking in today..

Working out- I’ve walked between 40-120(one day) minutes a day, and have also been running stairs in the Engine room and lifting weights… Combine that with eating healthy and I’m down 3.3 lbs. Not bad!

Overall, a good week for me…But, I could definitely invest in my writing more!!






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3 responses to “Row80 Check In!

  1. Human flesh! Awesome! That reminds me: If Kevin Bacon tastes like chicken, I’d be disappointed.

    You did great this week. Sure writing wasn’t 100%, but it was there at least!

  2. I like that bathroom sign… in my doctor’s office, the signs in the bathroom only allow for toilet paper to be flushed. Makes it hard to use the bathroom.

    Like Gloria said, even if it wasn’t a hundred percent, you got some writing done. That’s the important thing.

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