Inspiring Folks…Yup, That’s What I Do!

I am proud and honored to report that “A Cure for Lackluster Motivation” was recently nominated for an award!


Thank you to Trisha Dey for the nomination!

Check out her blog HERE! (and my nomination..Woot woot!)

The guidelines for this award:

1. Create a post and reveal 7 things about yourself.

2. Post the blog award on your site, indicate who nominated you.

3. Present the award to up to 15 bloggers that inspire you and include links to their blogs in your post.


#1. I’m a huge fan of Frank’s RedHot… If you are also a Redhot fanatic, you can attest to the fact that it pretty much tastes good on ANYTHING! If you haven’t tried Frank’s… Do so!

#2. I’m struggling to come up with anything about myself non food related. This might tell something about me.

#3. I think that bright colored clothing is awesome. Consequently, I often find myself wishing that I knew how to color coordinate so that I didn’t end up looking like a rainbow swirly pop.

#4. I get distracted by shiny objects.

#5. I sort of know how to juggle. It’s a work in progress.

#6. I have a beagle…but, other than that, my “me…me…and more me” blog post is now entirely inaccurate… I should do something about that.

#7. I recently was a WINNER of Nanowrimo and am currently working on editing my new book. If you have questions about National Novel Writing Month,  click this link: Nanowrimo

Ok! So, my nominations for this award are as follows:

  • Things My Belly Likes  – I have been following this Blogger for as long as I’ve owned a blog, and she is constantly posting amazingly delicious, healthy recipes! She’s inspired me many times to tweak my own recipes and eat a little healthier! Thanks!!
  • Jenny Hansen – Another Blogger that I’ve followed diligently… Jenny’s blog is about more! And she’s inspired me to write more, and be more focused on my goals! Thanks Jenny!
  • Kaitlin And Michael Branch – These two have a very fun blog! I’ve been tracking them and their journey to publishing The Athele Series for about a year now. They have fun posts, interesting tidbit Tuesday’s in which the reader gets samples of their writing, and some informational posts about writing and such! Check it out!
  • Ciucela – I have just recently started to follow this blog, but the posts are always an interesting read, and the photos are phenomenal! Check it out!
  • Black Ophelia – I love her posts! Always an interesting read, lots of inspirational writer’s photos, and a passion for writing that encourages me to do the same! Thanks!
  • Miss Audrey: Tomorrow – Check out her blog! Funny, inspirational and a good read!
  • Fibromy-Awesome – If you check out any of these blogs, this is where it’s at! This girl is inspirational to the extreme! Struggling through day to day with an upbeat attitude and hilarious sense of humor! Thanks for making me smile, laugh and root for you! ( Seriously, this girl is awesome… If she hasn’t received this award 10 times before now, I’ll be shocked!)
  • Gloria Weber – Love this blog!! Funny, inspirational and talented, she is definitely worth checking out!

Ok, I know I could nominate up to 15, but 8 is all I got for now! Thanks again to Trisha Dey!!



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4 responses to “Inspiring Folks…Yup, That’s What I Do!

  1. What a great present for my week! I have a kid with croup at home and I sure needed the lift. I love your fact about colors…you made me giggle to think of you looking like a swirly pop. 🙂

    I love checking out new bloggers so I’ll be sure to follow your links. THANK YOU so much for nominating me for this. I’m dreadful about doing award posts, but I am creating an awards page and I’ll link back to this post when I put it up.

    • It’s funny to think about (swirly pop) and probably more so to see!;) I have a yellow jacket that I purchased at REI which makes me look like a traffic director. Does this stop me from wearing it? Heck no! I rock that that thing as much as I can. 1. It makes everyone else look yellow, which makes me laugh and 2. The sleeves zip off in case it gets extra warm in Homer, Alaska and I need to wear a neon yellow vest… Doesn’t get much more versatile than that! 😀 Thanks for your blog, keep up the good work!!

  2. thank you so much for your kind words…I’m honoured to make the list. As for that Beagle – OMIGOD, love their floppy ears and big brown eyes, I’m gonna need some photos 🙂

    • I will work on getting those up for you!:D I really love your blog, and I’m glad I got an award if for no other reason than to share that with you! Keep up the awesome work!

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