ROW80 Update and A Snippet

Ok… So Goal updates..

New Week’s Resolutions: Go.

-Tracking: I’d say that I tracked better, but if we’re being honest, not as well as my goal specified. I’d give myself a C on this one. I’ve also had the munchies, and not even in a “Washington state’s new law” sort of way. Just eating too much.

-Question evasion: This actually went quite poorly. I thought it would be super fun to avoid questions all week, but it wasn’t.  I completely forgot most of the time, and couldn’t tell you from day to day if I was even asked direct questions, let alone answered them or not. I, in one moment of clarity, had a fun little questions debate with a coworker, but it ended after only a few short evasions. In that brief interlude I decided (with a sly little chuckle, I should add) not to tell my coworkers about the goal because then they’d hound me all week with direct questions. Out of sight out of mind apparently, because I was nothing but forthright and accommodating all week. How disappointing.

NEW New Week’s Resolutions:

-Write down my workouts daily

-Leave at least one strange note, if not more, in a place which creeps people out…

ROW80 Goals:

500 words a day- I’m going to give myself a B on this one. I wrote 6 of the 7 days, including today…but found that I was counting things besides my work in progress as “Writing”. Next week I will try to include more WIP and less blog, hand written letters, and lunch menus in the criteria.

Read through my rough draft- I read very little of my rough draft, but have added a couple new chapters…. probably should read through it in entirety before working on plot problems… sigh.

Keep up with my editor- I actually did good with this goal for the most part. He took a small break  to allow me time to catch up, and has just recently sent me a few more chapters. Once I go through these, I’ll be in like Flin.

Workout goal- walk 30 minutes a day- I haven’t walked a single day. I have been running stairs in the engine room, and lifting weights, as it is a  LOT warmer inside than out. I’m going to try and push for this again, but I feel that any activity is a win in my book.

Well, that’s it for the goals! I haven’t posted a Snippet from my WIP for a little while, so I thought I could tack that onto here! Hope you enjoy!!


I glance around in an attempt to find Miss Grace, but

apparently she’s slipped into something a little more

duplicitous and I can’t make her out among the masses. If this

is some sort of elaborate joke, I’m not laughing. The two men

weave us in and out of large stone obstacles, each tightening

their grip on my arms when I let out a little squeak of protest.

It comes out as sort of a wheezing gurgle. Not my most shining

moment I grant you.

“This one’s not putting up much of a fight eh?” The cloak

on the right speaks through a smirk. Though the haze fogs my

judgment, his comment goes a long way to helping me piece

together my predicament. I seem to be in a bit of a pickle and I am most definitely

disoriented, but this guy is a royal asshole.

Someone is getting kicked in the boys.

“Just a few more steps I’d warrant.” Left cloak sounds

familiar, but I can’t place his voice and I decide right then

that he’s getting a cup check too.


Well! That’s all folks!


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4 responses to “ROW80 Update and A Snippet

  1. Love the note thing. First “creeps people out” place that came to mind was the toilet. I have a potty mind. I also have a potty mouth, so I’d thought I’d tell you asshole is one word. 😉

  2. Ooh, the note thing. Like. 🙂

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