Oil-Pulling and a Snippet…

Hey all!

This post is going to be a random assortment of info… with a snippet from my book (yet untitled), to a section on Oil-pulling and a bit about my new editor! Hope you enjoy!

So first, a recently promised snippet of writing from the book I am currently working on… here goes!


“Sorry dad, it’s really good. I just… well, you know…Don’t eat meat.” He smiles at me through a mouth full of said entree and takes a sip of water before responding.

“Halibut really isn’t meat sweetie, but it was nice of you to try.” How is halibut not meat? We live in Alaska, and anyone whose any sort of Alaskan has a freezer full of fish, seafood, and hand-picked berries; so I suppose not liking fish makes me less of an Alaskan. But not meat?! This is just one more hash mark in my ever growing, vastly over populated, odd column. They should have called me Abby; Abby normal.

If my mom had a dollar for every quirky, strange, and irregular thing I did; she’d probably turn those dollars into change, throw them in a sock, and beat me with it.

“I love fish.” I glance up from my veggies to glare at Petunia. It’s bad enough that she’s sitting at the dinner table with us, but now she’s feeling chatty? A slightly forceful shake of my head does nothing to deter her. “I could eat it everyday, all day! Coho, Chinook, Sockeye, Halibut too I suppose, but it lacks any true flavor.” She’s dropped her southern accent in favor of appearing more knowledgeable about fish, but seeing as how it’s coming from a woman whose been dead for at least 30 years, it’s hard to take her word for it.


Well, there it is! Hope you enjoy it!

I’d like to mention that if you’ve noticed a significant decrease in grammatical errors..(only in the snippet, the rest of this post is allllll me baby!) it is because I have recently acquired a new editor! He’s doing a wonderful job! If anyone needs a reasonably priced, very friendly editor (who according to my calculations has read over 58 books in the past two months!!! JEALOUS!!) WestWind Editorial’s, Brandon C. West, can be reached at:




Ok, So some of you might have heard about the at home, cheap, all natural remedy known as Oil-pulling.. Others might not have. Quick over-view!

Basically it involves swishing/pulling one Tablespoon of oil in the mouth for 15-20 minutes and then once done spitting it out, twice a day. Once in the morning on an empty stomach, and once at night on an empty stomach. The process removes toxins from the body, and has been known to cure anything from toothaches to acne, and back aches to fungal infections. Pretty much a miracle worker, and ALL for the price of an in store bottle of your chosen oil. There are a TON of websites that tell you what kind of oil to use… thus far I have heard Organic Sunflower, and UNTOASTED sesame seed oil the most, with Olive Oil and Coconut oil coming in a close second.

Why is she discussing this, you might be wondering?!… Well, I have decided to give it a shot! I just finished up my first oil-pulling session (I’m using coconut oil at the moment, because it’s what I have on hand and it is supposed to have antibacterial functions…)

I’m going to be doing this for approximately a month, and will keep you updated.. maybe make you a video of me busting out the OP… We’ll see how that one comes out, but I thought you should know. If you have any questions about Oil-pulling or would like me to do a more thorough post about Oil Pulling, let me know and I can get you the goods!! For right now, unless asked I will stick to basic information (not that it’s incredibly difficult or anything) and updates on how its effecting me personally!

Today’s Oil Pulling:

Lessons learned…

1.Oil-pulling with a stuffy nose is very hard! I spent most of the 20 minutes gasping like a fish and trying to keep the oil in my mouth by performing some sort of strange pelican type mouth movements..

2. Don’t read jokes while OP. This one is Self explanatory.. but suffice it to say… bad idea.

So, yea..haven’t seen any positive reactions yet, but I have only done it one time and I suppose I will have to be a BIT more patient than that. My jaw is a bit sore from swish/pulling, but not too hard over all.

Hope you enjoyed the snippet, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts or questions!!


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  1. Your clip reminded me of a story: This one time, my “new” friends (at the time) were over and I offered them food. For some reason I had forgotten they didn’t eat meat. So I offered them this weird thing I had made (describing it would take more than this story). And the guy was interested in eating, but then he goes “Does it have meat int it?” Again, I should point out, I totally forgot they didn’t eat meat, so I replied, “Well, only a little.” GO ME!

    Also, now totally intrigued on someone could be dead 30 years. GAH! I WANTS TO KNOW!

    I’m interested to see how this oil pulling thing works out. Please do keep us posted. 🙂

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