Putting myself out there…

Ok! I’m back! I know… it’s been a very long, very quiet many months without me! I could give a multitude of excuses as to why I fell off the face of the earth since JUNE…(yeah.. I’m lame) But instead I’m just going to jump in as if I hadn’t been a total slacker!

I completed Nanowrimo this November (50,099 words in 30 days!) and now have a huge, completely unfinished, pile of a story to sort through! It’s deliciously exciting! Anyway, I recently posted an excerpt from my story onto Facebook and got both thumbs up and some criticism. I didn’t much like the latter (who does?!) and it made me realize that I need to put myself out there and toughen up my skin a bit!

So, I will be posting pieces of my writing on this blog until it’s completed! Hopefully I will edit properly before posting, but we never know! Anyways! Glad to be back, and I hope you enjoy the coming posts from my book! (no it doesn’t have a title, and no I don’t know what it’s about!)




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  1. Brit!!!!! WOOT! You’re back! Can’t wait to read the bits of your novel that you post. 🙂

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