OK! So this is my first attempt at this, so cut me some slack!:)

Here is the photo for this week’s Friday Fictioneers. I guess the purpose is to write 100 words after looking at a photo that the lovely Madison Woods posts! So here goes! Sorry it might be 20-30 words over.. I cut about 50 of them.. lol


Identity theft

“Going to miss her Son?” The man asks, his much larger hand swooping down and grasping my shoulder with affection. I hate being touched.
I feel my lips curl back in a snarl and the anger building in my gut like a serpent, but before it lashes out I manage to twist it into a weak smile.
He glances down when I don’t respond, his eyes pulling together in confusion before he shakes himself like one of those hairy mutts they call dogs and looks back at the ship that carries his wife. This child’s mother.
The smile lays like sludge across my face, twitching only slightly when my nails begin to peel off. The skin below is black and dead as it always is after this long.  I glance at the man who will serve as my next vessel and the boy’s soul begins to scream. Again. Will he never shut up?

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  1. You cant leave it at that! We want to know what happened!

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