Keeping a promise!

So I promised you, my lovely readers, as well as myself that I would try and post more.. so HERE I AM! Today was a good day, got some OT, did some reading, a bit of writing.. My boyfriend sent me two care packages!! What a gem!

The first day I got here we were coming along side a Tanker and the impact knocked my shampoo off the rack onto the tile floor.. unfortunately.. THAT contact broke the top off and it proceeded to poor its entire newly purchased contents into the drain..So Thank you baby for supplying me with hair cleaning products!

Booked my first party for Scentsy!! SO excited about it! It’s going to be in anchorage, ak.. so I’ll need to drive four hours to get there but its going to be awesome! I also signed up for motorcycle lessons on the two weekends I’m going up for Scentsy parties so I’ll get my Motorcyclists DL and It’s a WIN WIN!

If your interested in hosting a party possibly online if your not in the Alaska area, or if you’d like to make an awesome smelling purchase and ENJOY IT clink on the link!

So, for your patience during my ramblings.. Something that made me laugh:)


Yeah… I AM easily entertained, what of it? 😀 Have a wonderful day!




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