HEY!!! It’s me! Brittney!

HELLO WORLD! You might have forgotten me in my absence and if you have shame on you, and shame on me! Sorry for being gone so long! I had work and school and blaaaahh.. life got in the way! But, never fear after reading page after page of Hawthorne, Emerson, Dickinson, and Poe, I Brittney Lee Ann am back to rock this blog once again!

I spent a lot of my break doing the garden, wrote less than I would have liked…but still put the occasional word down now and again. I haven’t kept up with row80.. shame shame shame.. but I did have a good break, get A’s in both of my classes and got to see my boyfriend for the first time in AGES!

I started selling Scentsy products..LOVE IT! I’ve been a freak candle buyer for so long it’s incredible to be able to leave the Β  smells “burning” and not worry about lighting my house on fire! The support is great and I’m stoked…Who would have though direct sales could be so fun! I’ll stick a link on the side of here if anyone is interested in checking out my webpage!

My niece turned 5!!! Yeah! She is so awesome! All kisses and hugs to the moon and back! My dog jumped out of my moms truck and broke a nail down past the “cutting” line so she’s a big gimpy and bled for a bit. Wish I could have been there to hold her!!

France is coming on quickly! Going there in August for 4 weeks! CANT WAIT! Food, wine, the sites…boose.. Did I mention wine? I go to a wine party every chance I get here in homer where I live..Just some girls and the occasional guy getting together, cooking a regional cuisine and then everyone brings a wine to try to pair with it. Super fun!

My best friend moved to North Dakota:( I miss her already and she was gone before I left for work! Threw a going away party for her with balloons and streamers… She hates parties! Dang I love a good surprise party, don’t you?! She sent me the most ADORABLE photo on FB after she left.. which I have to share now.. haha

AWWW! I love that girl! πŸ™‚

Well, that’s life in a nut shell.. I will try to get back into the swing of posting at least most days and drop you guys some recipes, a few laughs hopefully, and lots of BVS charm! Missed you!





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3 responses to “HEY!!! It’s me! Brittney!

  1. Congrats on the two A’s! I like smelly things (good smells, I mean), but I always forget to use them. Yay for your niece! Awww, poor puppy for your dog. Sounds like you are so ready for France! And sorry that your best friend moved away. My best friend moved away almost three years ago. It is very sad being parted from a BFF. But I’m super lucky, because mine is moving back at the end of the month. Welcome back to blogging!

    • Glad your bestie is coming back! I’m already thinking…and it’s the first time in my life, believe you-me….I can’t WAIT to visit North Dakota!!! Haha who would have thought any one would ever think that in the existence of the world.. I sorta forgot it was a state till she moved there and then when I looked it up all i got was,”If you think you want to move to North Dakota….you don’t!” bahaha people are funny! Thanks for the warm welcome back and sorry I failed at being your row-buddy better.. I’ll get on it asap!

      • My bestie moved to a town my other friend grew up. And she was all “WHY!?” and when I told her they got a Target she was all “NO WAY!” So, yeah. I totally feel that. And no worries, you didn’t fail at being my ROW buddy. You just took a hands off approach. πŸ˜‰

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