It’s been so long since I have seen you all! I missed you!

Today was my 24th birthday…well I suppose it would be the 19th of April since it is now the 20th at 1:42 am.. YEAH birthday party!

I had a wonderful time drinking with my friends, got to catch up with a lot of people and was so wired from all the Vegas bombs (Peach Schnapps, crown, and Malibu dropped into a glass half full of Red Bull) I decided tonight was a good night to write this post!

Row Update!..Late, I know…

Goals? Well, good and bad. I have been keeping up with school! Focusing and getting everything in on time…Getting the hang of the fast pace and the copious amounts of paperwork! I have written a little..not as much as I would have liked, but definitely a lot better than my zero words the last check in! I have stuck to the diet pretty well and haven’t gained any weight.. except for today, which consisted of large quantities of sushi, sake and boose!(I know the last two are the same..but there was a LOT of alcohol..)…Gotta love growing older!

In celebration of all my gray hairs I went to my hair dresser and got the old mop dyed.. Adding purple streaks to show that even at 24 I am still young!! Woot woot!

Had a stressful week with family stuff, but over all have done pretty alright in terms of life and goals. This week I’m going to focus more on writing, and reading some of the writing books I requested and received for my bday!

Sorry this is late, and that I missed Sunday’s check in.. I’ll try to catch up with you all tomorrow!! Missed you bunches!




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  1. You’ve got to post a picture of the new do. sounds delicious.

  2. To start, purple is my favorite color! I once dyed all my hair purple. So, rock those streaks. And the most important thing: Happy [belated] Birthday! 😀

    To middle, I’m torn over here. See, the mom in me goes, “School is important, so if writing has to suffer… Whatevs.” On the other hand, the writer in me is all, “Isn’t there something you can work on? Some small thing here and there you can piddle with like a poem or riddle that enters the story at some point? Even small progress, is progress… Right?”

    To end for now: Happy [belated] Birthday!!! 😀 (Once wasn’t enough.)

    • haha, your the best row buddy ever! Thanks for keeping me accountable! I’ve been trying to get in a bit here and there around writing my papers and such:) everything is so condensed when you do one month classes.. it’s crazy! School is going great so far and I’m trying to keep my writing in mind.. the blog… well that’s another story..as you can see from the lack of posts.. haha

  3. Happy belated birthday! Mary’s was today. Don’t forget what my grandmother used to say: better over the hill than under it. Not that you have to worry about that.

    Sounds like everything is well under control. School is most important right now, but any writing you can get in is great. Keep it up.

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