Fail, Fail…Epic Fail!

Ok.. So first official check in for Row80 and I have some bad news. I failed miserably….now we could go into the whole sha-bang about how I didn’t fail because there is still time left and yada yada yada…But we don’t have to. It was a fail. And It felt WONDERFUL!

I didn’t write(which actually didn’t feel felt sad and miserable)..I didn’t make ANY blog posts.. including the ones I have scheduled.. Oops..Sorry if you were expecting or looking forward to those!

I didn’t work out, I didn’t do anything really..

Other then go through my MASSIVE stack of mail from the past two months.. I’m talking massive. Talk to my propane company who was threatening to cut off my propane even though I’m on auto-pay and they’ve had no trouble removing the money from my bank account the last two months. Worry about my taxes after getting a corrected 1099 from the housing Corporation that gives me money for my tenant..Yeah, new income amount and less tax return:(

I have rifled through copious amounts of Credit Card offers(TRASH) and transferred pile after pile to different tables in an attempt to make my house look less cluttered by all the dreaded envelopes.. Somehow mail is less fun when its junk/bills.

Then any of my other time was filled with family! My mom, my boyfriend, my grandma, my niece, and my wonderfully adorable nephew. My other grandma, my aunt, my cousins… Wow, it’s nice living in a town where so many of the people I love are also living! So…yea. I failed at Row80..but this is just the first week, and I’m going to rock it next week!

I did do the orientation presentation for my class online which was required and read the first chapter of my book in preparation for starting tomorrow.. So, maybe not a total fail after all. Here’s to onward and upward for this coming week!!!




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16 responses to “Fail, Fail…Epic Fail!

  1. Perhaps you needed the time to recharge/regroup. What blessing to have so many loved ones near! And that definitely makes the week a win in my book 🙂 All the best for the upcoming week…you will rock your goals.

    • Thanks Raelyn! (lovely name btw) I’ve been rocking the school goal at least, and I think I might cheat and post yesterday’s blog today… 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I was made of fail too. Do not feel alone. I keep wishing the week had a reset button. But you have the right idea. Next week is a new week! Let us sweep this one under the rug, stomp on it a little, then put a potted plant on top, and forget about it. 😉

    • haha, as long as the potted plant is one of those fake ones we don’t have to water… I’m to scatter brained to remember to water plants…I’ve killed cacti with my lack of green thumb-age..Yes, I realize I used the non singular cacti instead of cactus…there is a reason for that:) Thanks for the support Nonmebarowbud…we need to work on that nickname of ours:)

  3. showard76

    I don’t think taking some time for yourself and spending it with family is a fail, sure you didn’t do the writing thing but sometimes life is more important! (Now if only I could accept that myself! lol) I look forward to seeing how you have rocked it next week – I’m sure it will be epic! 😀

  4. All the best for a better week this week. We are all cheering you on 🙂

  5. Hey, all that other stuff was sucking away your energy so good on you for taking care of business. And I don’t mean your family of course! It sounds like you really enjoyed spending time with them and it really recharged you. Now…kick next week in the pants!

  6. I wouldn’t call it fail. You went through that enormous pile of mail and spent time with family. So, neither one of them was among your goals for the next three months; these were things that had to be done before you could concentrate on writing. This will be a better week. I just know it.

    • Thanks John!:) Yeah, being at work for two months straight really puts me behind when I get home.. but I can always do better!
      See you around this coming check in hopefully!

  7. I have a pile of mail I need to go through as well…and I have to get my tax stuff together today…ugh I am DREADING it, lol. But I just have to get started–and you’re post has inspired me to start right after I hit the ‘post comment’ button! Good luck this week with your goals!

    • haha, Thanks Kat! It’s nice to know that one of us was inspired!:) Yeah… mail is one of my favorite things..when it’s meaningful. But credit card statements, bills, letters from my propane company that contain barely concealed threats, and brightly colored papers screaming “Your LATE!” make me feel like Alice in Wonderland, or Ron Weasley getting a Howler..
      Ok, now that I have put them in that makes them a little more fun. Good luck opening all your mail! Thanks for the support!

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