NEW! CBL-Thursdays!

Ok, So I have been at work for going on my 8th week, and I can honestly tell you that I don’t want to write about work… sad but true. So, I have decided that I want to change Tug Boat Life Thursdays to… DUh duh duh! Cele-brate Life Thursdays.. I know.. Celebrate is one word and therefore cannot make up a three-letter acronym with one other word. Let me tell you a story…

Many, many years ago.. when I was just a wee lass.. blah blah blah.. Anyone ever have some sort of strange club with their friends? Something you guys didn’t really talk about with other people because it was a “secret”.. I’m pretty sure secret was code for “Lame” when I was doing this.. But…I digress.

When I was younger I had two best friends..that’s right. Dos. It is not easy juggling two best friends…there can only be one favorite, and for some reason it never seems to be you..odd. My two best friends and I didn’t have a club, because they started one without me…Maybe I was more of a lame-duck than I thought..hindsight and all that. Anyway, we all collected stickers (Lisa Frank…if you must know…), but I found out about half way through the school year (one in which I was not the favorite) that they had started a sticker club without me called FFEDM.. pronounced. Fuh-Fed-Um..Needless to say I was heart-broken. They wouldn’t tell me what it stood for, I just knew I couldn’t be apart of it…and do you know why? If they added my name (Brittney) it wouldn’t fit on their five fingers. They liked to write the letters on the tips and jazz hands each other throughout the day. Years later, or maybe year later… I don’t remember how long FFEDM lasted..I was finally told what it meant.

Friends For Ever Deannie Megan..

Cute, right? Imagine my surprise when I discovered that Forever was two words.. Or at least it counted enough to withhold a B from the five-finger duo.. I guess it wouldn’t have rolled as smoothly.. FFDBM, FFBDM…..

Good News! My desolate childhood trauma will now enable me to use the word Cele-brate in a three-letter acronym.. Aren’t kids great?!

CBL Thursday is just going to be a day in which I can throw something up here which makes me glad to be alive! Today’s CB (celebration) of choice?

The Hunger Games!

HAHAH! Love it!

Anyway…Im DYING to go to the movie!! Anyone seen it yet? I’m getting off the boat on the 4th of April and I can hardly wait! Hope this makes you giggle as much as I… I am a bit immature though… Sigh.

Happy CBL Day!




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6 responses to “NEW! CBL-Thursdays!

  1. showard76

    lmao, love it! I’ve always loved a little acronym insult that came up when my kids were pre-teen ( I was approaching 30 myself) it was WEMW accompanied by finger signals forming the letters, it’s meaning – What Ever McDonalds Worker – another example of a single word being split in two for effect!

    I’ve seen Hinger Games, it was awesome! Hope you enjoy it ‘Peniss’ are great šŸ˜‰

    • Haha, I have heard that one! Yea… kids are vicious! I can’t wait to get off the boat tomorrow and RUN to the movie theater! Thanks for the comment, it made me laugh!

  2. I first saw Peeniss on tumblr and couldn’t help but giggle every time I saw it. A little immature? Maybe. Hey, it’s hilarious. Did Collins do this intentionally? I’d like to this so because she has a sense of humor. The movie was great! I throughly enjoyed it. If you haven’t seen it, GO! I urge you to go! Gale ā¤ What a wonderful piece of man *cough* I mean character. Really though, it's a great movie.

    Kids. I had a similar situation when I was young. Though I made my own club in retaliation and stuck out my tongue. I was a bit impish when I was young. At least you have something to help you with writing, right? Experiences are the best type of help.

    • Hahah…Man-character? šŸ˜› I will go as soon as I get off this darn boat, I can promise you that! I really need to try to remember more of my childhood for Writing material. Unfortunately I have the memory of a gerbil.. assuming their memory is very poor and they don’t remember much of their little gerbil-hood (Gerbil rendition of Childhood?) AAANYWay…
      Thanks for stopping by, and I hope to pick your brain about character development one of these days!:)

      • Do! Such a great movie. I can’t wait to get started on the books. I bought all three just to appease my excitement.

        LOL as do I. My memory sucks but from what I do remember, it makes good writing material. Children characters are, in my opinion, some of the more interesting characters. Oh my goodness LOL I do wonder if gerbils remember something like a childhood? That’s one for Nat Geo.

        Hey, no prob. I’m enjoying your posts šŸ™‚ Ah, please do! I’ll try to help you anyway I can.

  3. I loved the books!! So good! Her writing style is very catchy.. I tried to re-invent it? in my own writing, but seem to slip out of proper POV… sigh. I really hope getting more involved in some writing classes will do me good. Learn me some real writing..:)
    (That last sentence is intended to be spoken in a moderately stereotype-esk voice…Yeah.. I went there..haha)
    Glad your enjoying the posts! I always read yours…I’m just bad at commenting on them when I do. I will fix that!:)
    Hope to talk to you soon!

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