TBL-Thursday!! Ten Things About Living on a Boat…

Here is a short compilation of things I found out after living on a boat…not in any particular order of importance..

1.)  Men don’t feel the need to shut the bathroom door when they Pee..Ever.

2.) A girl that says the word Boob, tit, or any of the other varying descriptions of said female anatomy are chill..Unless they are yelling about eye contact…then they are scary.

3.) After one becomes Chill, men no longer care if they are being gross, disgusting or innapropriate. It sounds bad..but it’s WAY better then the Walking on Eggshells approach.

4.) If you work on a boat, you do not ever have to buy a movie again. I’ve got about 900 of them, and have yet to watch them all!

5.) Any movie, show or two hours of entertainment don’t have to be entertaining…they just have to A. Help you fall asleep..or B. Make two hours pass by.

6.) Overtime is Overrated.

7.) A Seaman(woman) mariner?… does not have to be immune to seasickness, they just can’t be a whiner.

8.) You can’t be claustrophobic, dislike public bathrooms, or be against public displays of upper chest hair..particularly higher chest hair… I’m talking neck hair area.

9.) Being a cook is paramount to being the Golden Child..  Unless you stink.. Then you are universally hated by all….often receiving awful nicknames like Fruit fly…Mine is Cookie, thank you very much.

10.) Gum is a highly forgotten substance, that many desire and if you bring a case of it on board it is much like a prison in that you can trade it for much more valuable objects.

Well, those are just a few of the ones I can think of, but I’ll save some for later on! Have a great day/night!



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