Row80 Update 3/18/12

Yea.. a little late:)


Been keeping the 22 lbs that I lost off! Which is very exciting! Have been walking about 30 minutes a day around the boat, and try to get in some weight lifting (kettle Bell) every other day or so.

Blog wise I haven’t been very diligent, but I have written every morning, which makes me feel very productive…Other sides of writing..? Well, to be honest I have slacked a little. I read all 6 of my “Plotting” challenge books, but have only written out a few note cards worth of scenes.. I have written my summaries for the first 10 chapters of my WIP, but have yet to print out the last 7 and put them in the journal! I’d like to start focusing on the side work of writing a novel a bit more, I’ve just been distracted by the oncoming days off (two weeks to go!) and a new series I’m reading.

I got into the online school I was looking into, and am starting April 9th! Just have to talk to my advisor, and set up my class schedule a bit more to my liking:)

Hope all are doing well!



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