TBL Something or other…

Holy-Bajeezy.. This week has been long! Long days, and short nights! Sorry I missed Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s Blog posts, but internet has been shoddy and I have been exhausted! Going to keep it short today too, because I have been up since 0230!

Try-it Tuesday-

Ok..Best thing since sliced bread.. And even tasty on sliced bread!!


That’s right, Coconut Oil. If you haven’t used it instead of Olive oil, spread it on toast instead of butter, and rubbed it all over your hair and body.. Well, my friend. You are missing out! It not only smells and tastes fantastic, it is incredibly high in healthy mid-range fats..not to mention that its cholesterol free! I recently discovered this wonderful salve, and can honestly say I will never go back! Get yourself a tub and start using it!


Row-80 update-

Been writing, updated my WIP journal to include the last 6 chapters, and went for a 35 minute walk today.

TBL Thursday-

I am waaay too tired to think of a witty story to tell you, so I thought I would share a photo or two of my daily life here in Valdez, Ak aboard the Tug Stalwart!

The first Hummingbird I ever saw! So adorable!:)



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