Things are Just Getting Sunny! 3/11/12 Update

This week has been good, other than the minor internet connectivity issues I have been having. Everything is slow, and that’s if it even works at all! Work is still trucking along. Been here a little less than 5 weeks and I have a little more than 3 to go. 8 week hitches are going to be hard on my mind and body.

Applied for National University Online the other day, and I’m going to send them my transcript information tomorrow. Pretty excited, and If all goes well I could be starting classes in April! Will keep everybody updated on that front!

Writing is going really well, and I think I have officially gotten into my groove as far as writing very day goes. Feeling a little confined by the chatter in the Galley mess today, and my room has very little room to stretch out and let the creative juices flowing. But, I still managed to get word to paper. Or screen I suppose. I’ve found that writing on my iPad using a very simple Notes program has allowed me to let go of some of my Editorial nitpicking and just write. The story is trucking along and thanks to Row80 I have written about 22,000 words since we started! Still need to catch up on my WIP Journal, as it has been missing my hands as of late. There are so many things going on, sometimes I feel like it is just going to come crashing down on me all at once. It’s as if I am performing some ginormous street performance that entails juggling plates and chairs and knifes, and any number of other things as well!

That is why I have decided to start planning a Vacation, just me, myself and I (sadly). Everyone needs a vacation now and again, right? I’m thinking Hawaii from the 24th of April-2nd or 3rd of May, just relaxation, sun, and a heavy dose of writing. If anyone is interested in joining me there for a fun, ray filled writing retreat on the beach let me know! We can make it happen! I need to find a writing group, how does one go about that?

Hope all your Row80 goals have gone well!





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4 responses to “Things are Just Getting Sunny! 3/11/12 Update

  1. I started ROW80 back in Jan of 2011 and after a tentetive start have never looked back – still not sure why it has helped – to do with the encouragment – the not wanting to report laziness – focus – deadlines – who knows but the mix worked for me and many others who keep returning – great idea

    you must find it difficult to work in that environment but great that you’re acheiving despite the lack of space and background distraction – keep it up:)

    hope you enjoy that holiday – ‘fraid just a little too far from UK for me but I’ll picture you under the palm trees,basking in the sun and being spoilt rotten:)

    • Haha, And spoiled is what I’ll be! I’m trying to decide how much I need the vacation, might spend it on a writing workshop instead..I know.. hawaii sounds so much more sunny, but we can keep our fingers crossed, maybe I can do both!:) Thanks for stopping by, and I look forward to reading more of your blog!

  2. Great progress! I know how hard it can be to work in a ‘full’ room. Wishing you all the best for the upcoming week.

    If I had the funds, I’d be packing my bags and asking where are we meeting! Hope you have a fabulous time!

    • I’ve been trying to get a writing group together, or even just find one to join in the Homer, Alaska area…but no luck so far! Any advice on how to get something like that started? I’d love to become more involved in the writing community back home! Thanks for stopping by!

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