CD Switch-a-Roo- TBL Thursday

Were back for TBL (Tug Boat Life) Thursdays with another story for your reading enjoyment! This little morsel happened about a year ago, and still makes me chuckle to this day! Enjoy!


Here at work most people spend half of their 12 hour shift sitting around, trying to keep themselves entertained. Whether that be through reading a new book, watching a new movie, or reading/watching something they have already experienced just to get the hours to crawl by more quickly. Hence, the external hard-drive was born aboard the vessels. I mean obviously the EH wasn’t really born here, but once it got started it spread like wildfire. I have around 900 movies on my hard drive, some of which I have never seen. *Thanks the Stars* Anyway, before I got this pinnacle of modern technology I carried with me a huge CD case filled to the brim with bargain movies I had found at pawn shops and the like.   I had movies like Troy, Enchanted, and Time Machine.. If you haven’t seen that last one..I mentioned these were bargain discs right? Anything that could drag me away from being at work, even if only for a couple of hours.

I was not the least technologically sound.

There was a man on my boat, who we will call Riff. Well Riff didn’t have a computer and he didn’t carry movies with him. Not many at least. So about two days into my hitch he asks me if he can grab a couple Cd’s from me so that he could play them on his little 9 inch digi-type-player. I agreed and flopped the big honking binder in front of him saying, “Have at it…some of them are a bit scratched though.”

He spent weeks going through my movies, taking 3 or 4 at a time and returning them when he was done. Well, about 5 days before I was getting off he was down to his last few movies, and he decided to settle and watch a Chick flick. Has anyone see the movie “Hot Chick”? Yea.. he was that desperate.

Well, I went down to serve dinner, and when he came down he sadly told me that the Cd was not working, but he was curious if I would try it in my computer…just incase it was the player and not the CD that was skipping. So I told him I’d take a look after I cleaned up the galley.

Later that night I called him over, told him to grab Hot Chicks and bring it to my room so that I could try it in my comp. I ejected the disc I had in there, and waited with one hand stretched towards the door while scanning my screen with the other. It only took him a few seconds and I felt him place the disc into my palm. As he starts to go on about how it stops at the menu and wont let him watch any farther I start to slide it into my Macbook. I glance down, and stop. My lips curl up into a smile, and then I laugh. A short disbelieving laugh, which causes him to stop talking.

“Riff…you sure this is the CD you want me to take a look at?”

I am now holding in my hand a Cd titled, Big Titties III or maybe it was Beautiful Busty Broads.. Or something along those lines. His face falls, and if you can imagine a walrus getting red in the face, whiskers all a flutter…that is liken to what this man’s face looked like. He started huffing and snorting, outrageously uncomfortable with the situation. I started to laugh at his discomfort, but the crowning glory was when he deemed it necessary to explain.

“ Well you see.. Your disc wasn’t working and I just got bored.”

BAHAHA! Hear that everyone? Beautiful busty broads.. they cure boredom.

Hope you enjoyed it! It’s one of the more humorous situations that I’ve come across here in my Tug Boat Life! Cheers!



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