ROW80 3/7/12 and a Mini Pie Maker!!

Good week!! Isn’t it nice to start off an update like that? I’ll keep my update short, and sweet. I have written everyday this week, and it feels good! My official writing time is between 7-8 am, and I am extra relieved to say the creative juices seem to flow more readily during this hour. I spent a good amount of time on my WIP journal, writing up summaries and printing them out. I do love how the neat script looks all taped up in the “plot summary” section of my journal. Very fun with highlighters splashing about and everything!

Still adding to the story, using my handy-dandy note cards and kicking some serious ROW80 butt!

That’s all for updates!

I also wanted to mention that I was going to post a “Try it out Tuesday” yesterday and got sidetracked by all of the hustle and bustle of Crew change day aboard the Stalwart. Sadly… not my own crew change day, but I did reach my half way mark. Only 4 more weeks to go!

Without further ado, a late posting about something nifty I found and thought was worth sharing. I think Tuesdays are going to be all about new gadgets, books, and anything in general that I think people should check out!

For today’s belated Try It Tuesday I present…..:

The Breville Pie Maker!

This little non-stick wonder makes four individual pies in less than ten minutes! From sweet to savory you can make any sort of pie your little heart desires! Apple, Cherry, Quiche, Shepherds pie, Chicken pot Pie… I mean Anything!

I haven’t gotten one yet..After the fiasco with  buying my iPad before I was financially ready I have been enforcing a strict “Do you NEED this, or WANT this” attitude..It hurts, but I think my bank account will thank me!

The second mate on my boat has one of these bad boys and she raved about it for the last month! I really hope someone buys one for me on April 19th….*wink, Wink* any family or close friends with loads of cash reading….. So that I am not forced to break my need, or want rule.. at least for the first month it is enforced;) Let me know if you have one, or were thinking of getting one! If and when I get one, I’m going to go with this site because its cheaper, and it’s wicked fun to scan through!

Original Post for this photo: Click here

Breville Pie Maker

Hope you all had a great ROW week!



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6 responses to “ROW80 3/7/12 and a Mini Pie Maker!!

  1. Awesome progress! I love finding a really productive time to write – a power hour that seems to have good flow. It’s a freaking boost to the day, you know! Congrats on your accomplishments!
    And that mini pie maker is ADORABLE!! Oh my word – and everything looks so tasty! Have fun with that 🙂
    See you on Sunday check-in!!

    • Isn’t it though? Oh man, If I hadn’t put myself on a forced budget.. haha. I’m trying to save for a vacation in france around August. We were going to move, but decided an extended vacation was better:P

      Yea, I love my writing time.. It feels right, you know? I always feel so accomplished, and ready to continue the day! My mornings at work start at 4 am, so its easy to write from 7-8..let’s hope I can keep it up when I’m home, snuggled in my bed! Thanks for the comment!

  2. the pie maker looks awesome. I’m a celiac and anything like pies is always so dry. these would cook so fast, they might be a lot better.

    it’s on my ‘get one day soon’ list.

    thanks for the tip

    • Yea, I saw a gluten free cookbook for it somewhere too! Now-a-days there are a lot more options for eating gluten free! My aunt has celiacs so I know what your going through. I had to get tested since I’m always getting everything that she has! Thanks for the comment!

  3. showard76

    Great progress. The pie maker looks cute but I’m not a huge fan of pastry so would be disinclined to get one myself, I don’t eat pie very often because there is just too much pastry! lol

    • well you could make the crust as thin or as thick as you wanted! not to mention you can make quiche and such in it! I realize its a one shot wonder, but it is pretty darn cute! Thanks for the comment!

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