Row80 3/4/12

Well, as you may have noticed I did not post yesterday…and the guilt is slowly eating me from the inside out! No, Just playing. I was exhausted, worked all day and could barely keep my eyes open! So you all got nothing! Muahahah! Hate to admit that today wont be much different. I find that after almost 4 weeks at work, doing the same thing day in and day out.. I run out of things to talk about. Imagine that!

I’m still working on my WIP, and have written every day on it, whether those words are legible and/or staying in the final draft is yet to be determined. I have also started note cards for another WIP,But decided I didn’t want to actually start writing it until I have finished the first draft of this one! I WILL finish this! After three or four false start and stops on other WIP’s I feel the need to scream at myself on occasion…

I have lost about 17 lbs since we started this ROW80, so diet is going well! I read about 6 books this week, so I just have a few more and then I will start working on my “better your Plotting” writing exercise!

Hope all is well!



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4 responses to “Row80 3/4/12

  1. congratulations on losing the 17lbs!! Nice job 😀

    • Thanks! Sorry I haven’t been getting on your review, as lame as being at work is, there isn’t much free time. I promise to try and focus here in the next few weeks and get it done! Thanks for the well wishes!

  2. Nice job on the weight loss and reading – and, of course, for keeping on track with the writing. Have a great coming week 🙂

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