TBL Thursdays! Funny Stories at Sea..

So, I have decided to share little bits of my life here on the Stalwart, by starting Tug Boat Life Thursdays! So to start off TBL in style, I’m going to share a little story that has nothing to do with me, and therefore can not embarrass me!:) (always the best kind of funny story)

So before we begin, I need to share a little background information about how the tug/barge life works around here. I’m a cook on a tug, simply because there are no cooks on barges. While working on a barge you either A. Are tied up to a tug boat, and therefore have your living quarters and eating area aboard the tug, or you B. (like the 500-2) sustain yourself on hungry man frozen dinners, pizza pockets, and copious amounts of dove bars. If your feeling froggy you might throw in a candy bar or two…Yes, that’s the way it is on the 500-2.

Our story begins with one man, we will call him Jack so no one gets embarrassed, who thought he should make a pineapple upside down cake for the rest of the barge crew. They do have ovens.. surprising, I know. Anyway, Jack being the kind of stand up guy he his, took it upon himself to make it from scratch, coating the bottom of the pan with brown sugar and all the goodness that seeps into the cake part, the pineapples..even the little maraschino cherries! He slaves over this cake, making sure each ring is perfectly positioned, and the cake is perfectly fluffy and moist.

It comes out of the oven, and I can assure you the crew of the 500-2 is salivating. Pineapple upside down cake smell has been wafting through the mess area, begging to be consumed…And anything homemade is a treat, even if it is more sweets! The boys gather round, passing out plates and smiling as they dip their forks into this beautiful cake. Deep golden brown topping, sweet pineapple rings, and cherries. They detect a slightly strange odor, but they are so excited about the cake, that it doesn’t seem to bother them.

The first man takes a bite.

He quickly spits it out, and starts to laugh.

Jack, having rarely used the oven aboard the barge, which is understandable considering the amounts of pre-made junk food they have available to them, has coated the entire bottom of the pan (now the top of the cake) with dried beef bullion instead of brown sugar! This perfect cake, with its decorative topping, and pretty little rings of yellow now tastes like some sort of sweet mushy beef cube!

I laughed pretty hard when I heard this story and I Hope you all enjoyed it! If you have a bag of bullion lying around… labeling it is a good idea!





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