Row80 2/26/12-Colored Note Cards Make Me HAPPY!!

Hey all!

This week has been really productive! I wrote between 800-1500 words everyday this week, wrote out a general outline using colored note cards and have been feeling extra good about my story line! Thank you James Scott Bell! Now the fun part of actually writing all these random scenes into the semblance of a story! That’s what the first draft is, right? Just the semblance of a story…Because honestly, If it’s supposed to be anything more.. I’m Screwed. lol


This is the wall of my tiny little pizza shaped room at work, cheese and pepperoni with-held of course….I know, I know. Super disappointing. Anyway, the novel is doing good! I have tried to update my little bean counter everyday, saying how many words I have written, but I still need to add the 841 I wrote today! I know that there are other people out there busting out 2000-4000 words a day, but with a 12 hour a day work schedule, and no days off…I’m feeling pretty darn good about my accomplishments!

Been reading The Anubis Gates by Tim Powers, which so far is pretty alright! I’m reading it as part of my “Improve your Plotting” Post challenge! I’m on page 665 of 1175.. only a little ways to go right?:P

And FINALLY! What I am almost squealing to tell you all!!

I’m going to go back to school! The details are still in the works, but it looks like I will be trying to get a BA in English online! (gotta keep the old J.o.b…) I’m looking into a program right now with National University for an Education focused English degree with a Minor in Creative Writing! I will keep you updated on the progress!

Hope you all had as good of a week!

Question(S): Has anyone taken any online classes, and/or done an entire degree online? What are your thoughts/who did you take it through?







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6 responses to “Row80 2/26/12-Colored Note Cards Make Me HAPPY!!

  1. School is always exciting Bree. good luck, I’m sure you’ll do well. I did a Bachelor’s degree online. it was amazing. I learned more from that degree than from the one I sat in classrooms for. enjoy.

  2. Wow. Amazing plotting system there. I just use the virtual notecards on Scrivener, which seems to be working right now — but they don’t have the color-coded benefits you’ve got on your wall.

    Congrats on the high word count! You’re doing wonderfully. Best wishes with the degree program and this next week of ROW80! Keep rocking the ROW!

    • It’s really wonderful to be able to watch the progression of the scenes. I have scrivener, and I found that writing them by hand and having different colors for different character’s views has been really helpful! I’m also loving the colors, which give me lots of exciting motivational moments!:)
      Thanks for commenting!

  3. showard76

    wow, the cards look great on the wall like that, reminds me of studying for exams at school! lol 😀

    • Haha, Yea… It sort of works like that too! It’s up there staring me in the face all day, and when I glance at it, I think…Huh, I should write:)
      Thanks for the comment!

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