Easy Kahlua Pork

So, I was taught this super simple recipe when I first started working for Crowley. It was right after I realized that I didn’t actually like waves, and had been violently ill for the better part of two hours. I was struggling to think of something that I could make the following day that would allow me to stay in bed..pretty much the whole day.

So, this is that recipe.. I usually serve it over rice the first night, and then on sandwiches as pulled pork the following day..Adding cheese and/or barbecue sauce as desired…

Kahlua Pork

Oven Temp: 250-300 (depends on your oven…if yours runs hot, stick to 250.)


1 boneless pork shoulder, Fat ON

TT (to Taste) Large Granule Sea Salt or Kosher Salt

1/4 cup Liquid smoke


Pre-heat your oven to desired temperature at approximately 8 am. Pull three even pieces of Tin foil from the Roll, at least 2 feet long, or longer. You need to be able to wrap it up over the sides of your pork, so determine based on shoulder size. Lay three sheets on top of each other and then place your Pork shoulder Fat side up onto the foil. Take a sharp knife and cut slashes across the fat cross-wise until you hit the meat. Try not to cut into meat.

After you have made your cuts, put on some gloves and add liquid smoke by pouring it over top the Pork. Gloves only if you don’t want to smell like liquid smoke for the next two weeks….Rub the smoke into the crevices and make sure it gets covered entirely. Then Salt the top and sides of your Pork shoulder. It might look like a lot, but it sinks into the meat, and there is a lot of pork there.

Take the sides of your first piece of foil and pull them up crossing them at the top like a present. Bring the top and bottom up, keeping the liquid smoke inside and pinch the foil together until it is well sealed. Flip the entire pork shoulder over and repeat. Pulling up sides and then top and bottom. Flip. Then with your last piece of foil, do the same thing, but make sure you leave the crumpled side up, for this is your FAT side, and keeping it on top is very important for the soft fall apart texture that you desire.

Place it into a shallow dish that will allow for some run off and place it in the over. THAT’s IT! Take the pork out about 15-25 minutes before you are ready to serve and let it rest and steam. If you put it in at 8 am, you will want to take it out around 530….It is around 8-9 hours in the oven…Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can leave it in there until 10:30 pm and it will still be moist.  9 hours at the most! Pick apart with fork, serve over white rice (or pasta) and enjoy!



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2 responses to “Easy Kahlua Pork

  1. what in gods name is liquid smoke?? that sounds delicious btw

    • Liquid smoke is just that… a Liguid that gives things a smoke-like flavor. You can buy it any store usually in the BBQ sauce/dressing area. It’s usually in a maroon/brown bottle. 🙂 You should give it a try!:)

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