Female Writers-Add To Your Writing Tool Box!

Or guys I guess…If your a guy and you looked at this..tsk tsk. So nosy!

Do my a favor. Stick your hand out and honestly assess your fingernails…What do you see? Mine are growing out, except my left hand thumb nail which I accidentally sliced off with a chef’s knife last week. Go clumsy me!… They are pretty dirty..Sorta dull and definitely not painted. My hands are dry from cold weather, I can’t remember the last time I pushed back my cuticles, and I have the sneaking suspicion that a small colony of aliens might be cultivating somewhere under my index finger…Ok, So maybe not that bad. But they aren’t pretty…I’m not the most girly of chicks. I wear jeans and T-shirts, I like crocs, in red, even though I know they are atrocious, and I cut my hair off because its “Easier”…. I’m also knitting a hat, since we are getting personal. Anyway, I was meandering around the Pinterest universe for the first time yesterday, compliments of my soon to be married friend, when I came upon something that made both my writer and feminine soul cry out. I loved this idea so much that I thought I should share!

If you can’t read the instructions… they are:

1. Put on nail polish and let dry…(This might be the hardest part… I mean how many people ACTUALLY wait the 20 minutes or whatever it is for those bad boys to dry?…I always end up with gouges and smudges. You know the little curled ridges that come with pressure on un-dried nails.. Yea.. you know.

2. Dip your fingernail in alcohol-basically any kind will do, but vodka is suggested. ..Ok, we could go into detail about how epic this nail painting has just become…I mean come on the instructions suggest vodka!..But, I’ll let you use your imagination for this one.

3. Press a strip of newspaper upon your alcohol soaked nail, make sure there is enough to cover the nail entirely.

4. Pull off slowly and be really impressed with yourself. (I agree… good job!)

5. Add a top coat if you think its necessary.. (Like a clear coat with sparklies…mmm)

Anyway, I’m planning on doing this as soon as I get home..Strangely enough work does not have a well stocked nail polish section… nor any alcohol. Sigh. Nails will have to wait!

Not yours though! Please tell me how yours turn out, I’d love to hear stories! Good luck and happy writing!



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One response to “Female Writers-Add To Your Writing Tool Box!

  1. Ah this is awesome! I know I must have some nail polish somewhere around here….. -must go find-

    Thanks for sharing!

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