Row80 Update 2/15/12

I have come to the realization that I need Note Cards… Lots and lots of note cards. I am reading Plot and Structure by James Scott Bell, and after reading it through zealously with a highlighter, I am going back through and trying some of the awesome ideas/ practice exercises he has in there. I love the idea of jotting down tons and tons of scenes on note cards and then laying them out and flipping them around until they make sense. It’s like a Giant novel puzzle! How freaking cool is that! Did I mention I love puzzles.. Anyway, I need note cards, and so Allen, my wonderful boyfriend is sending them to me. What a sweetie. Im sure he’s just pleased I’ll be noting for the next 7 weeks here at work, and not at home along our wall, or in his work areas, or standing in front of the TV with hands on hips saying, “Babyyyy…I need your help! Come look at these with me!!” Walking over already knowing that I don’t really need his help, I just think I do, and no matter what he says I will most likely argue the opposite side. Were good like that:)!

So, I’m getting note cards. I downloaded this App on my new Ipad called Write or Die.. Which is pretty fantastic! I don’t know if I like it for writing my actual WIP because it has been having trouble sending the Files anywhere but its own clip board…Email pending that little bug….But, I did end up writing about 1400 words about a cute old lady who owned a run down Ice-cream shop next to a skyscraper, and when the man came to try to buy it she sweetly invited him in, sat him down with a warm cup of tea and honey and waited until the drugs took effect before she ate him. Sharp little teeth like the polar bear on top of her Ice-cream shop, three scoops, Vanilla, Chocolate, and Strawberry.

Fun to write. A little creepy, and I have no idea where it came from, but it’s something I might play with later. So I think I’ll use the app to do sprint writing and such. Speaking of Apps.. I also downloaded a free Budget App and have been diligently punching the numbers.. Guess who couldn’t actually afford her iPad…Yeah, this girl right here!

On a lighter note, I have lost a few lbs, probably from all the seasickness…Yes, I know this is a bad way to lose weight, believe me.. But I have switched boats and am now back on the Stalwart…Probably one of the only boats that doesn’t ever leave the harbor. Thank you!

Got about 1400 words in on Monday, about 500 on my WIP and 1300 on WOD, and then today I took the day off from writing to clean, pack, and read more of Plot and Structure by James Scott Bell. Worth the Read, a re-read, and a few after that! check it out.

Hope your weeks are going well! See you all on Sunday!



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6 responses to “Row80 Update 2/15/12

  1. showard76

    Great check-in, I really need to get Plot and Structure so many rower’s seem to be talking about it, it must be good! Good luck with the note cards, hope they help 🙂

    • Breezy Vee

      It is really quite fantastic! I think you will get a lot out of it! Like I said I’m highlighting and already planning to go back through again and soak up more! Thanks for Loyally stopping by to Comment on my Row80s!:) Hope your doing good also!

  2. Em

    Love the idea of note cards! I used post its to plot my NaNo novel in November and there was an awful moment when I realised they weren’t that sticky!

    You asked about the sprints in your comment over at my place. They are at 7pm london time on the row80 hash tag on twitter. I tend to write for half and read for half. Is very very motivating as when you report in after the hour you want to be able to report something! Hope to see you there 🙂

    • Breezy Vee

      lol, I dislike non-sticky Post-it notes as well! 😛 So the sprints are every day at 7 a clock london time? I might be working then, but I’ll definitely look into it and see what I can do! Hope to see you there also!

  3. I’ve just started playing around with note cards and love them! I’m trying to finish up a WIP and another one keeps entering my head, so I jot notes on note cards versus writing two WIPs at the same time.

    I love when stories come from unexpected places. Sounds like you are doing great!

    • Breezy Vee

      I love the idea of jotting my second Idea down on Note cards while I’m working on the old WIP! Thanks!:) I’ve been feeling sort of guilty about picking up and dropping and picking up, but sometimes you feel more creative towards one WIP then the I right? lol

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