My Time Spent Betwixt and Between..

We’ve all heard about the toss-up between being a Morning person, and being a Night-owl, but what about the Middle day person? What about those of us who don’t really see them selves as either of those two extremes? I’m going to give you my general ideas about each kind of person. The first thing that comes to mind if you will.

Morning person- Runners. People who enjoy/force themselves to pound the pavement. They eat healthier, live longer and are probably nicer people. A morning person has enough will power to pry themselves out of bed at extravagant times in the AM. They are able to resist the pull of their pillow, all soft when they first wake up, and the small cocoon of warmth their bodies have created beneath the covers. They will stay out late on occasion, and still manage to get up at ungodly hours…with a smile. Don’t ask, I’ll never know how they do it.

-I am not a morning person. I don’t run, I try…really I do. But it becomes more of a gasping side squeezing shuffle. Pretty cute. I love carbs, have a wicked sweet tooth, and virtually no will power to speak of. I also don’t believe I’ll ever be willing, let alone eager to get out of my warmth cocoon without threat of job loss, or bodily harm.

Night-owl- Party animal! They dig the night-life, and everything that comes with it! They enjoy junk food at odd hours of the night, and will play video games until their eyes bleed. Their the people in your life with eyes-rimmed in red, those grumpy at any hour before 10..maybe 11 a-clock. Or they might be the people you don’t see before noon. No matter how many times you call, knock, or text.. Sorry they aren’t answering.

-I suppose I lean a little more towards a night-owl, in the sense that I often times stay up late. But saying this.. I usually get tired at around 8:30 -9:00 and merely push through it until I can no longer keep my eyes open. I think of 6 as a morning hour, not a still up from the night before hour and I’m not a big party-ier.. Yup, Sort of a lame duck like that.

So, If you’re not a morning person, and you’re not a night-owl what are you? What am I? I’ve decided that I’m a Midday-maddness kind of cat. I like the buzz of the everyday, the social interaction that comes with having a mixture of morning and night people milling around. I don’t wake up early, I don’t stay up late all the time. I just spend my time lurking in the in-between.. Lurking? That sounds bad… oh, well.

Question(s): What type of person are you and why? Are you a writer, and if so, do you find that you write better at certain times because of when you prefer being out and about?


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