10 Things you really don’t need to know!

…And yet here you are, reading them anyway! Good for you! Way to stick it to the man!…ahem.. anyway! 

I figured since we are all chatting it up, it might be nice to get to know each other a little bit better. So here are some things you probably don’t know about me, which you very well might not care about!

1. I have an intense loathing for Microphor toilets. If you don’t know what that is, imagine very little flushing power, water spewing at you and getting on the floor despite having the lid closed, the slight ever-present smell of sewage, and knowing that even if you go number one, you’re going to have to use a cup to scoop water out before you go, or risk the horror of backed up water all over your floor. Yes, it’s really that bad. The microphor toilet is the reason boats have linoleum that travels up the walls, it is the reason engineers are woken from a dead sleep on a nearly daily basis, and it is the bane of my existence. Did I mention I loathed them?

2. I have been told that I sometimes snore at night. Note: During all instances of said “snoring” I have been unconscious, therefore can neither confirm nor deny. 

3. For the first 21 years of my life I lived by the code of the Creamy peanut butter eater. Blatantly mocking those who chose to rip their bread to shreds with the tiny unground nodules that permeate crunchy peanut butter. 3 years ago I tried crunchy peanut butter again out of sheer desperation…I have eaten it since, and I have not looked back. Yes past fellow Creamy-ers..I am a traitor.

4. I have an extremely battered gauge when it comes to cinematic entertainment. Anything that I can stay awake through is considered “good”, and the stuff I fall asleep to is considered a “Night time Flick”. Being at work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 8 weeks straight makes any two hours not contemplating my solitude a god send. If you ask me to do a movie review I will most likely say I liked it. Even if no one else has heard of it, liked it, or would ever admit to having seen it. 

5. The only texture that I cannot stand is that of slightly under-ripe plums. The squeaky abrasive aberration that is the unripe plum gives me goosebumps..and not in a good way. Even now, just thinking about it. You should see my arms!

6. I have never in my life kept 10 long nails of the same length for more then 1 hour after noticing that they are all long and the same length. Without fail I will notice and disaster will strike…maybe three or four times.

7. I don’t like cashews. Oh, come on! Don’t get all “How could you not like cashews? Their the best!” on me… Because they are not the best…

8. Can instantly forget anything. Really, it’s a gift.. an art even. Many times have I pulled the old “Oh, hey! How do you spell your name?” in the hopes that it is something longer then Tom, or bob, only moments after hearing and forgetting. I don’t remember a vast majority of my childhood…Yea, I know it stinks. I think the best thing my mother has ever said, or at least one of the more hilarious in my opinion was:

“Ugh, Brittney! Why did we ever pay to take you anywhere when you were a kid? I could have saved tons of money by sticking you in a cardboard box…It’s not like you would remember it anyway.”

Bahaha…This was right after I admitted not remembering most, if not anything, from Disney land. My mother is a gem! And I mean that from the bottom of my heart!

9. I have never broken a bone, despite being extremely clumsy all through life. I’d like to think that the reason I didn’t get on the college volleyball team was because I fractured my big toe during tryouts…but it was never x-rayed. It did hurt though! Really bad..some might even say fracture like?

10. I am slightly, if not completely, in love with my family. I love living near them, spending time with them, and being furniture in their lives. ( I use this expression to say “just be there”..you know…a chair, or a futon…just think! Your furniture could secretly love being apart of your life too..ok, I digress.)


Well, that’s enough about me! How about you?



Question(s): Anything weird and/or interesting you want to share about you?

Please share! Were all friendly here!! 



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