One Sea Sick Sailor- Row80

I’ll be honest, I hesitate to call myself a sailor, But I do work on a boat, and with that comes certain expectations. For instance. The expectation that I be able to withstand even the mightiest of waves, in what is essentially a bathtub with engines. I know I talked about my great plans to write every day, and get my sh*t in order, but I have spent the last two days praying to the porcelain gods, compliments of 15 foot waves. We just got back into port, and I am happy to report that as of yet, I have kept down my lunch! Yea me… It truly is the smaller things in life that bring us joy.

So in closing, this is a late, short update about how I would have eaten healthy had I been eating for the past two days, how I have not even opened my computer let alone written on it, and that I am happy to be keeping down water, and the occasional cup of soup.

Thanks for all the support you guys give me, and I promise to do a better update/have better news on sunday!

p.s. I did Technically write on the blog today…so that counts as writing every day starting Thursday! WOOT! Check one for Brittney!


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