Row80 update and Alter..1/5/12

Well I’ll be honest…This has been my worst week ever, goal wise. I think I wrote 1400 words total the entire week…not since wednesday..the whole week. Workouts…yea, non-existent. And eating healthy? hahah.. your funny!

Saying all that it has been a really wonderful week! It is the last week I have at home before I go to work for 8 weeks, and I decided to just take it easy and enjoy my time, as well as getting all my stuff together for work. I spent all Wednesday and early thursday driving to Anchorage/ getting a physical for work. Then Thursday, on our way back from Anchorage we got stuck behind a 100 foot wide avalanche, ranging from 3 ft-10 ft deep, for 4 hours. So our normal 4 hour drive became an 8 hour drive. On the brighter side, we decided to be explorers and drove the 30 minutes to Hope, for a little exploratory excursion. Just a heads up.. Hope…not that exciting in the middle of winter on a Thursday..Even the two cafe’s in town were closed.. one for the rest of the year..and the other from Monday thru Thursday.

I’ve been able to see my family, and spend some last week quality time with my boyfriend Allen! Took my 4-year-old niece, and 2-year-old nephew to lunch, and then watch Hook and some Shrek/Monsters vs Aliens Halloween special. I do love being an Aunt!

Had an early Valentines with my man, and he got me some beautiful roses and a bottle of champagne. Plus a beautifully funny card about how he would love me until he could no longer remember what he loved me for!:) (the front of the card has two old fogies smoking, the lady is saying “was it good for you?” and the old man responds “was what good?”..) hahah sexual jokes make me laugh. We went out to dinner at a nice restaurant called Wasabi’s and ate our weight in sushi..delicious, wonderful sushi. Polished off a couple of bottles of Hana Fuji apple Saki ( I recommend it!) and we each had a couple frilly drinks in Martini glasses..( go lemon drops!) Over all, a WONDERFUL night!

So yea… I did not work out, I didn’t write every day, I ate what I wanted..when I wanted to eat it, and I focused on family. Sometimes Life is about just taking the week for being you!

In other news. As I mentioned earlier, I’m headed back to work on Wednesday, so my goals need to change!

Writing goals:

Im going to stick with 500 words a day, but shoot for more.

Taking out the writing prompts goal because I’d like to focus more on writing my WIP

I’m going to shoot for writing a post EVERYDAY on my blog.. yea.. two months straight of blog posts… It will take alllll of my will power and knowledge. (This will start Thursday most likely…have lots of packing/travel/stuff in the next few days before work.)

Health goals:

Going on a more strict diet while I’m at work, and I downloaded a new App on my phone called Loseit … It allows you to scan in food, look up food, and it keeps perfect track of all of your caloric intake…gives you calories when you work and is pretty awesome overall… So, my goal for that is to input all of my food every day!…(I’m the cook, so I should be able to cook healthier!)

Working out is hard on the boat.. not very much space. But I’m going to shoot for walking around, or getting some sort of exercise at least 30 mins 4 times a week.

So! That’s it…new goals.. bad last week, but had a blasty blast!

Hope you all did better than I did!




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3 responses to “Row80 update and Alter..1/5/12

  1. kathils

    Everyone needs to recharge. šŸ™‚ And sounds like you’re going to be launching into a busy time ahead so it was much needed. Also sounds like you’ve done some positive realigning of your goals. That should help you stick with them. Good work, and good luck!

  2. Like you said, sometimes you just need some You Time.

    All the best at work…writing-wise, healthy eating-wise, exercise-wise – and otherwise.


  3. Em

    Sounds like you have had a great time even though your goals took a bit of a backseat, that is what life is all about though! I love dodgy cards too….often give the most inappropriate ones but hey, they make me laugh šŸ™‚

    I hope your goal adjustments work out well for you when you go back to work. Have a great week!

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