Row80 update 1/29/10!!

Well! Another Sunday, another update!

Health Goals:

Been eating pretty healthy…trying to make better choices in the kitchen, and watch my portion control. Haven’t gone on any crash diets and have just been trying to focus on changing my eating habits all around. Went to volleyball on Thursday and had a blast! Just the right amount of people for a rousing match of 5 on 5! Good players= Good workout! Found out that it will be cancelled next Thursday due to Parent-Teacher Conferences which is a bummer because that means this last Thursday was my last hard-core Volleyball workout for a couple of months! Will still be going on Tuesday, but it is beginner’s night.. I end up doing more coaching then playing! Still exercise so I wont complain though! Did Kettle bell twice since Wednesday! I’ve decided that I’m going to change my Treadmill goal to a “General exercise goal” since getting the truck warmed up, driving through all the snow storms we have been having, AND working out on the treadmill… my greatest enemy.. has just been too much to ask of my will power! Really enjoying Kettle Bell though!!

Writing Goals:

I’ve been Binge writing this week… Not really sticking to a schedule, but have felt more motivated late at night. Wrote about 400 words on Wednesday..250 on Thursday..And 4,051 on Friday!!! That’s right.. no typos! Went back down to about 300 last night, and am going to try to squeeze in 500 today before Girl’s Night! Have Read two Chick Lit books since Wednesday, and plan to do book Reviews of them for my Chick Lit Challenge 2012! No writing Prompts.. But I’ve read and commented on a few other blogs! Also did some reading up on writing tips and such, using other blogs and twitter to guide me through!

Over all a very productive week! Something I would like to work on is commenting on other Row80 updates, I’ve gotten a few each week, but I would like to try to do more!! Good luck to all of you this coming week!!



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One response to “Row80 update 1/29/10!!

  1. Em

    Sounds like a very productive week! I love that you had a 4000+ writing binge! Amazing. Over at my place you asked what I read. Is a mixture of chick lit and thrillers/murder mysteries.

    Have a great week!

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