Row80 Update 1/25/12!!

Is food healthy if it tastes really good, I feel like hiding in a closet to consume it, and when I throw away the shiny metallic looking plastic I cover it up with the rotten lettuce I meant to eat two days ago?….Yea…Probably not… But other than some minor food slips I have been faithful to working out. I have done a KettleBell work out and went to volleyball on Tuesday. I’m planning on working out tonight…you know..If I’m feeling froggy….So workout goals are a THUNDER CATS HO!!! Food front? Well…the evidence is hidden deep, deep in the trash. There is really no way for anyone to find it, so let’s just say I don’t remember the exact number of calories I’ve been mashing into my gullet, but it can be decreased.

Writing has been significantly better!!! I wrote about 1300 words on Monday and around 1000 yesterday, for a total of 2300 in two days…WOO HOO! I feel like a train that has been chanting “I think I can…I think I can..”, for the last two weeks and just hit the top of the mountain in the last two days and is now screaming “I know I can!” at the top of my lungs as I hurtle downwards at an alarmingly wonderful rate. Yes..It’s THAT exciting! I haven’t done any writing prompts, but I’ve been feeling so good about the WIP that I don’t mind a wink. I’ve read a few chapters of my Writer as a Cartographer reference book, and although I find I frequently miss the map related jokes/references I’m enjoying the experience.

In other news….I purchased some fabulous bright socks in all shades of Neon..Does neon come in shades? Or is it just a plethora of explosions bursting forth in joyous abandon?

I found Abney Park, a wonderfully steampunk-ish band that has been quite fun to hum to as I tap, tap, tap away at the keys. I created a second “writing jam” and have even taught myself to turn Youtube videos into Mp3 files…Shh…Our little secret.

I also found a great site:  Which allows a person as forgetful as me to read Epub files on their computer without the use of an e-reader, which they left at home… You simply sign up (free, and takes about 4 seconds..Sign in name, email, password) Easy peasy! And then find the Epub files you found online which your computer had no program to open, by clicking “choose file” then “Upload”. It’s really that easy. I’ve been dyeing to re-read Jean M. Auel’s “The Valley of the Horses”, Which throughout the years has been misplaced at my family home and am now staring at the first page, eagerly waiting to finish this post so I can start! Hope your weeks have all gone as well! See you all next update!




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3 responses to “Row80 Update 1/25/12!!

  1. Well done… what a wonderful week

  2. Em

    Well done on those word counts! Great numbers. Thank you for your comment over at my blog…am going to investigate dancing shoes! Is a kind of jazz class but she works in aerobics and stretching too.

    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  3. I’d imagine it’s easier to walk with bright neon socks. You practically could levitate in them.

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