Row80 update!! 1/22/12

Workout Goals:

I started out this week with a lovely trip down my stairs…I’m talking bruised and battered 12 steps over. Despite this I was able to go to open gym volleyball on both Tuesday and Thursday! I’ve tried to get on the treadmill at least a couple of times a week, but unfortunately I didn’t even see the treadmill let alone run on it this week. I did go for a snowshoeing hike on Wednesday and I bought and tried out a Kettle bell work out on friday. And my, what a work out it is….

So goal wise, I’d say I got as much exercise as I have been wanting to get, but I didn’t necessarily follow the path I originally laid out for myself.

Writing goals:

I’ve been writing pretty steadily! I got about 2500 words written on my new WIP!! Which is productive with a Capital P!…at least for me… I started reading my writing reference books on my camping trip, but it got soaked with coal water…So, it’s been drying, and I’m hoping I can still read it!

I’ve kept moderately updated in the social networking world, but it is possible I could do a bit more. I wrote a non-update post about my trip to Skilak lake, and shot out some twitter updates as well.

I’ve been bouncing back and forth between a couple of books, and if my boyfriend would actually let me read them I’m sure they’d be read a lot quicker.. Is it just me or do non-readers not understand the importance of “reading time”…I leave the room for a reason!

I spent a few hours this week looking into getting a Bachelors degree in English through the state university system. It looks like there is no way I can get even close to finishing my degree online, and I’m not ready to quit my job, so I don’t know when I’ll be able to start. I am going to continue looking for an online degree, and maybe even just take a few classes online to keep myself busy. I’m leaning towards an English-creative writing focused BA or an English-Education focused BA with a creative writing minor. It really depends on what is being offered at whichever school I decide to go to. Anyone taken an online English degree? Recommend it?

Spending today in 49er red in a number 80 Jerry Rice jersey and watching my underdog team rock the Giants…A true David and Goliath day! Go Niners!



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3 responses to “Row80 update!! 1/22/12

  1. showard76

    If I’d fell down the stairs I wouldn’t have been able to do any exercise for the week so you did great! and the word count is brilliant well done. Hope your team did well in the game 🙂

  2. I thought I’d drop by today to introduce myself because I am new to ROW80. I can’t believe you were able to exercise after falling down the stairs. Wow. And to answer your question. No, people who do not read don’t get it. Sorry. But I’ve turned my Hubby into a reader recently. It’s kinda cool. But it took me a long time. He’s come over to the dark side. Lol. Nice to meet you! 🙂

  3. I loved reading the “I got as much exercise as I have been wanting to get, but I didn’t necessarily follow the path I originally laid out for myself” part as it reminded me to be flexible!

    Congratulations on making such progress on your WIP.

    Good luck this week.

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