Row80 update 1/15/2012

wow… This week has been a wild ride. Like hopping on roller coaster and then realizing half way through I don’t like being upside down and I get motion sickness easily..Which I don’t…and I do. I have had to remind my self so many times this week that family is important and I should just be there for them… and not feel like ripping my hair out or shooting myself in the foot so that I can get a couple restful days in the hospital.

This week’s goals have been really up and down. We had a freak snow storm which cancelled both Tuesday and Thursday’s volleyball, and I was only able to make it to my Aunt’s once this week to use the treadmill…If only I had one at my place, I might be more motivated to run on it. But the dangerous road conditions, combined with the fact that my brother moved in with me and my boyfriend in our tiny one bedroom house…well, let’s just say running has been low on my list of priorities. I have spent the entire week being a hostess in my own home… when have I relaxed, you ask… I haven’t. So… brother living with me…using my toilet paper..and I mean Using it… getting mad all the time..blah blah blah.. I love my family.. I love my family.. I love them lots and lots! So workout goals were thrown a little to the curb this week, lots of sitting around and taking care of people.

Now writing goals on the other hand… That has been going really well actually! I’ve written my 500 words every day and even started a new WIP! It has inspired me to do a little research, and I spent a bit of time watching a strange french movie last night with subtitles. My office…my sanctuary…was invaded when my brother moved in, but I kicked him to the curb and made myself some tea!

Overall the week wasn’t exactly what I would have hoped for, but it is what it is.. Life gets in the way…

And I will share a new sentence that I really enjoy, which I found on that french movie I spoke of earlier…

“I didn’t know whether I was swimming in the sky, or flying at the bottom of the ocean.”




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2 responses to “Row80 update 1/15/2012

  1. showard76

    Love the sentence, what a great visual it stirs up 😀
    Hope the home invasion settles down soon! But well done on the word count. Have a great week and don’t worry about the running, who wants to get frost bite for the sake of a bit of exercise? nah! lol

  2. Mrs V S

    ~~Oh Ms. Dedicated Writer,
    Save the bullet!! I think “restful days in the hospital” is an example of an oxymoran. The morans…cough cough, i mean most family/friends and SPACE INVADERS would show up at the hospital just to ” keep you company”.

    Think of an escape to an unnamed ISLAND with a touch of Bermudha Triangle”ISH”shark infested waters, an extremly unlandable beach for all domestic and military aircraft. It is the only way to get away from others choas. I mean seriously how many of the reletives and friends that you have would hatch a plan and actualy INVADE your Writing ISLAND- how many could dare to parachute in? Those that attempted to “keep you company” would surely have to fall asleep at sometime…..splash!

    You have goals-WRITE ON!!!!

    “~Dont let others compromise yourself~ you are all you got~”
    Ms. Janis Joplin

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