ROW80 update 1/11/12

Writing goals:

  • Write at least 500 words a day on my WIP. They can be interesting, awful, or make me want to gag…as long as I write them-Spent most of my time monday cleaning the house because my boyfriend was coming back home from work.. this included sweeping, vacuuming, steaming and dusting… dishes…laundry..yeaaaaa, the house was not clean when I started.. haha. So I wrote about 450 words on monday, about 300 yesterday, and 500 today. In my defense it has been a bit since I’ve seen Allen, and I did tell him today that I had to do the 500 words and no more distractions! 
  • Try to do some sort of writing exercise to keep myself interested at least twice a week.-Haven’t done any writing exercises yet.
  • Attempt to figure out what “my creative time” is and write during it more often than not. If I come to the conclusion that schedules are not for me… I still have to write my 500 words.- So I decided to write at night for the first part of the week, and then from now until Sunday I will be getting up and writing earlier in the day. I’m not much of a morning person..normally pressing the snooze button 6 times and keeping everyone else awake without actually getting up myself.. but don’t worry I set it about 35 minutes early… so I’m not late. For some reason Allen doesn’t find this in the least reassuring. 
  • Read and write a review for at least two books on my blog- Continued reading The Favour men
  • Purchase and read at least 3 new writing reference books. – Started reading two of the writing books that I purchased this last weekend. 

Health goals:

  • Run on treadmill twice weekly…shoot for three.- Ran on it today!! WOOT WOOT… for some reason I feel equally miserable/proud of my running excursions.. I really don’t like running, and I firmly believe that anyone who says they do is either insane or lying.
  • Attend open gym volleyball at least once a week, Thursdays preferably.- So, due to circumstances beyond my control ( A freak snow storm which caused volleyball to be cancelled) I have not been able to go yet this week. Tomorrow is still on, which is my preferable attendance day anyway…Do no worries here!
  • Remove all unhealthy food from the house and replace it with fresh veggies, fruits and whole grain options.. this includes candy, frozen foods which contain thousands of calories..yea we all got em…and any other temptations for caloric overload.- I decided to remove this goal and change it to eat healthier, choose more veggies and fruit and less carbohydrates. I have also firmly decided that I am not going to cut anything out that I enjoy because I have a habit of ditching things I start when I feel like I’m punishing myself.. And let’s face it.. I’m already running on the treadmill twice a week…So that’s all I can really ask of myself! Right? RIGHT!? …So on this goal I have been eating healthier, eating smaller portions and feelings pretty darn good about it!
Hope all your goals are going as well-ish as mine!

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One response to “ROW80 update 1/11/12

  1. Nice word counts. I like the idea of 500 words no matter what, but that doesn’t always happen. I also hate running. It jars my body too much. I don’t ever want to run unless I’m being chased … by something really scary. I also have reading a writing book on my ROW80 list. My choice this time around is On Writing by Stephen King. Best wishes for a fabulous week! Maybe now that the house is clean, you won’t have those distractions and can really focus on your ROW80 goals. 😉

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