Row80 update 1/8/12

Sunday 1/8/12 update!


Writing goals:

  • Write at least 500 words a day on my WIP. They can be interesting, awful, or make me want to gag…as long as I write them.-– I spent most days writing at about 500, kicked it up thursday for a whopping 1500 and then dwindled off a bit this weekend. Wrote none on friday, 500 Sat, and none today. Other then posting a blog about my trip to the bookstore and writing this update….not exactly WIP stuff, but writing all the same.
  • Try to do some sort of writing exercise to keep myself interested at least twice a week.-I wrote off a writing prompt once this week and then did some mental exercises while reading an old college writing skills textbook by Langan. Don’t know if the second one counts, but it felt productive so I’ll throw it in there. 
  • Attempt to figure out what “my creative time” is and write during it more often than not. If I come to the conclusion that schedules are not for me… I still have to write my 500 words.-I wish I could say that I did this by writing at different times, which I did, but I think that has more to do with lack of time organizational skills and less to do with planning to write at different times and logging how I felt…I didn’t take note of any particularly creative times…not even mentally. Will have to work harder at this.
  • Read and write a review for at least two books on my blog- Have started The Favour Men By Firas Janabi and am enjoying it so far… planning on writing a review for it once finished. 
  • NEW GOAL* Purchase and read at least 3 new writing reference books. – I purchased 3 this weekend..go me!

Health goals:

  • Run on treadmill twice weekly…shoot for three.-yea….this didn’t happen.. I ran on Wednesday, left Friday for Anchorage, Ak and didn’t make it back in time to use the treadmill more than the one time. Good thing there is always next week! 
  • Attend open gym volleyball at least once a week, Thursdays preferably.-Went to the gym both Tuesday and Thursday for 2 hours the first and two and a half the second. Extremely fun and a wonderful workout!
  • Remove all unhealthy food from the house and replace it with fresh veggies, fruits and whole grain options.. this includes candy, frozen foods which contain thousands of calories..yea we all got em…and any other temptations for caloric overload.-cleaned all the bad food out and bought a bunch of healthy stuff. Stuck to it until friday when I went to Anchorage but did pack cut up apples and fat-free plain yogurt for the 4 hour drive. Didn’t do too horrible this weekend.. after all I used DIET soda in all my alcoholic drinks… soooo I’ll be getting skinny just in time to die of cancer! Go me! Planning on continuing to eat better, and maybe try to cut out more of the booze.. no promises though!
ok, well that’s how this first week went.. Not too shabby over all, but I can always improve! Thanks for the support!


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5 responses to “Row80 update 1/8/12

  1. Good work, on some of that. I think treadmill twice a day is a hard ticket to punch, I couldn’t do it either. Goals are easier to keep when there’s a prize at the end, at least for me. If only Amazon handed out advances as well, we’d all be swimming.

  2. I think you did great — and with your 1500 the one day, it really made up for the days you didn’t write. One round I only did weekly goals, but then I found myself not doing anything until right before check-ins!

    Ditch the diet pop — that’s just me, I think if you’re gonna drink pop, drink pop — or how about just straight alcohol, okay, I’m kidding.

    • yea.. hence the cancer comment.. I’m almost positive diet coke is bad for you… lol But before this weekend I wasn’t drinking at all.. so its a cut down.. thanks for the support! Problem with straight booze is I don’t like the taste.. I’d rather go none then straight:P

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