Animated movies…for Kid’s or Adults?

In today’s movie world it is not uncommon to come across animated movies geared towards families as a whole. They are quirky and fun, and inlaid with subtle adult humor that keeps parents from ripping their hair out.. I am all for these movies. I myself do not have children, but I have a wonderful 4-year-old niece and 2-year-old nephew, and sometimes I feel like I might shoot my self in the foot to avoid watching Little Mermaid even just one more time.

Luckily for me, since they are relatively young, and before two they didn’t watch much tv/care what they watched I was able to avoid most of the awful shows..mostly… like kaou? Is that even how it’s spelled? I swear that whiny little boy’s name was one of my nieces first words…she even whines when she says it. I digress..

Movies. (animated and cartoon) There will always be a place for the classics. I loved snow-white, Cinderella, and Aladdin, but I don’t love them 10 times in 3 days,hell I don’t even like them three times in a week. I think that Pixar and Disney realized this, and I appreciate the gesture, but where does the subtlety lose its down low characteristics? when do they take it too far?

Is it just me or is there some blatant sexuality and far too emotional moments for kids in some of these new animated movies? What happened to good clean fun and refined adult jokes?…(refined adult jokes…those exist right?) I bring this up because last night my niece came over for a girl’s night slumber party..yea, that’s what she likes to call it:) I picked up Kung Fu panda 2 and Mars needs moms for our viewing entertainment; popped open some fresh strawberries and made some hot chocolate and we were set.

I will admit that having youngsters around has allowed me to revel in my inner child and I thoroughly enjoy watching some of the kid’s films that are out these days, but I am a bit of a weeper.. You know the type.. Cries like a baby at the most inopportune moments. Cries at things normal adult’s don’t get emotional about…Yup.. that’s me. Ever seen my dog skip? Cried like a baby when the little dog got hit with a shovel… and I’m talking crocodile tears. Sorta like a child. Anyway, my point is..Last night I had to stifle sobs while watching Mars needs moms so I wouldn’t wake up the little one. Sobs…what kind of tv show is that for a child?

*Spoiler alert*

There is this scene right after he saves his mother from certain doom, and I’m talking death people, when the kid trips and his face mask breaks. Now the setting is mars, so there is no oxygen… so he’s gasping for breath and his mom comes over and saves him by giving him her mask. This is where it gets heavy. As Milo’s vision clears he sees his mother starting to pass out from oxygen deficiency and starts begging her to share with him, but as he’s about to take off his mask she breaks the handle so he can’t take his mask off… Thus saving him and sealing her fate… Now he’s crying, I’m crying…This is a child’s show right? Why are there people sacrificing themselves in such a horrid way? I mean granted.. it was moving, and it made me want my mom around…but still.. holy cow… these are kids and the occasional softy who likes to act like one, watching this.

But it’s not just Mars needs moms that might be taking it a bit too far…Every time I watch a show with Hailey I seem to enjoy them more and more, but I also find myself wondering if the innocent 4-year-old next to me has caught on to some of the more over the top sexuality and uncouth potty humor..

I guess I don’t really have a point other then to say… wow… maybe take it back just a bit…to the good old days when only adults noticed the adult humor. It’s more special that way..And I don’t want to have to worry about whether a cartoon with a smiling car, or a crazy sticky fingered raccoon are appropriate for the kids in my life. Clean humor is still humor people…




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8 responses to “Animated movies…for Kid’s or Adults?

  1. I remember wiping away a tear when Simba was trying to wake Mufasa. I haven’t really seen any pixar movies lately, since Rango, and that was pretty good. That scene you describe sounds traumatizing though. I agree, maybe a little overboard.

  2. I don’t think there’s any reason to shield children with real situation. I know losing your oxygen mask on Mars isn’t a real situation, but losing your mother or grandmother is. And if a movie can help shed some light on a situation like that, it’s great. I mean classic fairy tales were told to children and they dealt with adult situations a lot, I’ve always felt there’s no need to dumb things down for children.

    My biggest problem is when they put things in for adults that aren’t really appropriate for children as a life lesson or any other reason other than adults will think it’s funny. The worst offender is The Cat in the Hat with Mike Meyers. There’s some really foul humor in there that’s easily dissected by kids, especially the car that has a swear word as an acronym when they just explained how to figure out an acronym a few scenes earlier so kids would be sure to pick it up.

    Pixar is always the best example. The thing that I see come up most often is the 8 minutes near the beginning of Up showing the couples entire relationship. It’s moving and touching for adults, and kids can get it too.

    • Yea, I can understand that in a lot of ways, and I agree with you on the life lesson front. However, I think the scene was a little rough…I mean… I’m not saying dumb it down necessarily… But, not all kids have to deal with losing a parent, or a grandparent at such a young age..So why elicit those feelings unnecessarily? It felt like too much..This could have a lot to do with being a sensitive movie watcher…I get teared up pretty easily.. haha…

      When I watched cat in the hat I felt pretty much the same as you…That movie was pretty off putting and I, even as an adult, didn’t like it…
      There was a lot of adult humor poorly placed, and it sort of made the movie like a creepy adult film geared towards people with strange preferences.. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Have you seen the Muppet movie? I hear it’s brilliant, and, hopefully, any adult humor is skillfully subtle.

  4. eric

    I cried too when the animator stopped drawing Bambi.

  5. I was shocked when I watched Up; I don’t care that Dug survived, when he was kicked off a cliff, I thought I was going to choke on my own tears. That movie was hard for me to handle as an “adult;” I wondered if a kid would find it just as rough, or if things like that go right over their heads as they’re watching the action on screen.

    • yea.. its hard to tell…I mean.. my niece gets upset about the idea of the christmas tree dying.. its hard to imagine her not being shattered by such a horrific scene…Thanks for commenting!

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