Row80 update-1/4

Hey everyone! Been doing really good so far.. And with good reason.. seeing as how I have only had two days to pass or fail. Have written 500 words on my WIP both days so far, and also did one writing prompt which turned out rather funny.

Health wise I cleaned out the entire kitchen and took out all the unhealthy foods..went to the store and bought a bunch of healthy stuff. I’ve also eaten really well today, and said no to candy twice. I went to open gym volleyball tonight and worked out for two hours! Loads of fun!

So yea.. quick update.. going well! Hope to keep it up!



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5 responses to “Row80 update-1/4

  1. Congrats on your progress. Good luck with the healthy eating. I went to the gym last night for way too long and am having trouble coaxing myself back today.

    • Breezy Vee

      Yea, I did the volleyball thing on Tue, then ran two miles yesterday..and today is another volleyball day. I love volleyball, but my muscles are screeeaming at me!:)
      Good job going to the gym! Hope you can stick it out!

  2. well done. and good luck on this journey

  3. Ryan King

    That’s a great start! Just turn 2 days into 80 days 😉

  4. Great update! I hope you are feeling just as good at Sunday’s check in. I look forward to keeping up with your progress this round.

    Thanks for stopping by Depression Cookies!

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