Day 25: Book Review: Brood of Bones by A.E Marling

I’m sure we have all heard that old adage “don’t judge a book by its cover”, but in this instance I urge you to follow that good feeling in the pit of your stomach! At first glance Brood of Bones stuns with impressive cover art, drawing you in like a moth to flame. While the fascinating promise of a protagonist with a very real sleeping disorder grips you hook,line, and sinker. Let me start by saying…I was not disappointed.

Brood of Bones grabs you from the first page, and doesn’t let go! I found myself unwilling and unable to put it down, which is probably why I finished it in one sitting. The characters intrigue and evolve, all the while showing depth and remaining true to their core values.

Hiresha, or Elder Enchantress Hiresha as she is so titled, is cursed with endless sleeplessness, and spends most of her waking moments confused and disoriented. Called to the town of Morimound by Sri the Flawless, Hiresha must discover what is the cause of a city-wide pandemic. Every female in Morimound from virgin to grandmother has conceived at the very same time.

You as a reader get to follow this fascinating protagonist through the blurred musings of her wakefulness, into the clear concise power that comes with sleep. During this tale you meet a collection of fascinating, often creepy characters, who are all incredibly well-rounded and many times entertaining. Hiresha is joined by the Lord of the Feast, a decidedly less than proper gent whose assistance may come at a price. Other note-worthy characters include, Maid Janny, crude where Hiresha is cultured who brings humor and a healthy dose of sensibility, and Spellsword Deepmand the impressive bodyguard and protector of propriety.

Another point of praise is Marling’s uncanny ability to create a world filled with interesting twists and exotic details, without shoving it down your throat. Brood of Bones successfully slides you into a world completely unlike your own, giving slivers of its splendor until you’re completely immersed, and entirely addicted.

In conclusion, I highly recommend Brood of Bones by A.E Marling to any who are interested in an entertaining, well written, off-beat fantasy that leaves you begging for more.


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  1. Without overstatement or hyperbole, I would like to say that Brittney is an archangel. Thank you.

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