Day 24: What Makes me a Writer

I have been thinking about this a lot lately..What does it mean to be a writer? Is there some sort of code that you must follow, a do or die kind of mentality? What does it take to be a writer, to have the ability,nay the gumption to announce “I am A Writer” and not feel like a fraud?

I have this theory that anyone can be a writer, there aren’t rules or guidelines…You can have two other “real” jobs and still refer to yourself as a writer without qualms or hesitations. I think that what makes a writer a writer…is writing. Do you wake up at 2 and have something itching at your brain, begging to be put into words. Do you set aside trivial distractions, shutting yourself away from the world to create anew? Maybe you don’t wake up at 2 and maybe you let the kids scream in your ears and the TV blare Lost…Pick your poison…A Writer is creative, ¬†possibly controlling, and bold. They are those who put themselves out onto paper for the world to read..or maybe just a friend…maybe for themselves later in life…Who knows, and who cares. Writing should be for you, for me…for the individual writing.

I keep saying to others…I want to be a writer. Well screw it.. I AM a writer. I take time to express myself, I analyze situations in my daily life and strive to reciprocate them using pen and paper…I sometimes annoy those I live with, because I want them to turn down the TV or stop talking to me..FOR JUST 5 FREAKING MINUTES! I love to write..and I think that is enough. I don’t have to be published to be a writer…I just have to love writing enough to write.

So, Congratulations me! As of today…It’s official. I am a writer…and whose to say I’m anything less?



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2 responses to “Day 24: What Makes me a Writer

  1. I would say being a writer means having exhausted all other possibilities to maintain sanity.

    I commend your boldness. To be a writer is to celebrate humanity’s greatest gift: our ability to create.

    • Breezy Vee

      What a lovely way to look at it..:) Our last stand against looming insanity. haha Can’t tell you how excited I get every time you leave a comment! Thanks for the ReTweet!

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