Day 23: Possible Writing Opportunities

I recently spoke to a coworker of mine about his job freelancing for one of the many maritime magazines out there…It sounds interesting! He talks about things that he is interested in, and people listen! I would love to find a magazine that I could spew my un-knowledge on, and so I’m coming to you guys!

He thought that I should write-up an article/example about my experiences cooking for 8 men, while maintaining sanity and staving off unwanted advances…A women in a man’s world, sorta thing, after that I just send it out to editors and possibly interested magazines? Is there a better way about getting an unsolicited writing gig at a magazine? Does anyone have any tips?

I’d really appreciate anything you guys know on getting any sort of freelance writing jobs, or part-time writing gigs. Thanks!

Sort of on this same path…but veering slightly to the left..I’d like to talk about semi-spam for writers…The first real post I made on this blog…

( …if you haven’t checked it out yet…’s one of my better posts..

—was noticed by a wordpress account that went by writer-jobs. He/she, the a-sexual blob, wooed me with words like “very good writer” and “we’d love for you to work for us” only to eventually lead me to a site asking for 69 dollars a year….How depressing.. I was a great writer…right? Why couldn’t I get offered real jobs simply for being me?

Well, I’ve known/recently been re-aquainted with the realization that nothing in life is free…So, hence my pleas to you wonderful people for ideas on how to get my foot in the door. Now, don’t get me wrong.. I would love your ideas, but I don’t expect handouts. I’m a hard worker, and I’m ready to work…

Writer-jobs….what a joke..But that doesn’t mean there aren’t actual writing jobs out there! Pour ’em on me folks! (ideas…nothing else please..I don’t do well with sticky things)

Also, I recently ran into a blog ( who is doing a contest to gain more followers. Basically you follow her, support her blog (see above) and then she will enter your name in a drawing to receive some pretty cool prizes… If you check out her blog, mention me and we will both get our names in the drawing and a chance to win some cool writing tools!Not too shabby…so check it out!

Brittney aka Breezy


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