Day 22: Finding my Writing Time

I spent some time writing last night at approximately 2 am, and am glad to say I got out a little under 1000 words…Possibly the most I have written in months. Yeah me! This is good and bad. I love the idea that I have one time during the day in which I am more creative, I just hope it’s not from 2-3 am. I was awake till 430 and slept until 12 today….Doesn’t exactly line up with the rest of the worlds schedule. It doesn’t help that I also couldn’t possibly stop reading Brood of Bones by AEMarling which is quite wonderful. You should all check it out! I’m planning on spending the next few days writing at different times during the day in the hopes that I can find some creative moments. Does it matter what time you write, really? Do people find that they are more creative at certain times, rather then creative whenever they sit down to write? What kind distractions do you need in order to write? Or do you need complete silence?

My boyfriend Allen was supposed to be going to work, and I was dreading/looking forward to the quiet of the house. He has not been called out yet and is at the moment blaring Top Gear (UK version) and distracting me quiet thoroughly. I do enjoy a good episode of Top Gear….They are truly fantastic, but not quite conducive to writing…unfortunately.

So…Today I would really love some help from my small, yet loyal collection of readers! Please leave me comments letting me know what kind of writing environment you thrive in! Do you listen to music? Do you need the temperature just so…cold wrapped up in your favorite blanket? Hot with a fan? A mug of steaming hot Rooibos tea? Please give me your secrets!

Happy writing to you!!



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5 responses to “Day 22: Finding my Writing Time

  1. I’m ecstatic you enjoyed Brood of Bones, Brittney. I will write you a sequel, with all cautious speed.

    Sometimes I feel more creative than others, but I stick to a schedule and write a certain number of hours a week, as this prevents severe episodes of procrastination. When writing, I do prefer silence, but sometimes I have to listen to music to create a sound barrier from greater distractions. When editing, I do like music as I feel it distracts my ego, so I can do what is necessary for the manuscript.

    Best wishes with your own writing.

  2. I prefer to start in the morning. When I’m not drained. When my brain is fresh; not distracted by everything I’ve done. More time to write for ages … but sometimes that doesn’t happen. When I write, I get lost in my own world. Maybe it’s more like a trance. I prefer to write in the open. My family will be chatting, watching TV, yelling. Whatever. If it’s late at night, I, unfortunately, also write until late. I like being surrounded by stimuli to feed my creativity off.

    And sometimes, procrastination gets in the way and I’m writing until 12.30 am on a Saturday night (Sunday morn., really). Sad, but that’s my writing life.

    • Breezy Vee

      It’s interesting that you feel more creative when there are distractions…I am the exact opposite! I have the feeling that music helps me, but I enjoy switching it up a bit to keep the creative juices flowing! Thanks for the comment!

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